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The the question of citizenship has not appeared on said census questionnaire since nineteen fifty civil rights groups and democrats in blue states said the question combined with the trump administration's hostile at hot what is this hostile attitude what what is this is this steve cooper not a story from politico for me their hostile attitude toward emigrants how about a hostile attitudes towards illegal alien criminals like ms thirteen gang bangers and fennel dealers who look around certain large communities on the merrimack river in in the bay state of massachusetts could lead to undocumented immigrants avoiding the census all together creating an underestimation of the number of residents who live in certain states well but again why should why should states that encourage lawlessness and engage in najaf occasion of federal immigration laws and other laws why should they be rewarded with more representation in congress as opposed to the states that that obey the federal laws eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two five away can't we just tax democrats pay for illegal aliens let's let's simplify that question can't we just tax democrats i don't think i don't think too many democrats are being taxed period for anything eight four four five hundred forty two forty two i'm howie carr this half hour how far show is powered by the cargo purchasing a pre owned car can be.

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