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Shares between sixty two dollars to sixty eight dollars will get a little bit more on that a little bit later. This some of the headlines, here's a whole lot more. Let's say good morning. So Michael Barr and one of my good morning Jonathan good morning. Lisa New Zealand, permanent descend during says her cabinet reached a decision to tighten gun laws. MO released the details in the next ten days spoke after last week's massacre shooting Walker shooter walked into two mosques and killed fifty people. They will be a national commemoration. A service. Held in order for only Zealanders together together and acknowledge the terrorist attacks on Friday police believe there was only one attacker responsible. But have not ruled out that others may have helped the Brask is taking the brunt of heavy flooding after last week's bomb cyclone dumped inches of snow across the midwest. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and took talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg Jonathan I'm Michael thank you very much. Sarah's time method of Lindbergh NBC sports report is Jon Stashower. Jonathan when they announced the brackets the NCAA tournament. It wasn't until almost the very end for Saint John's found out it is in the field of the red storm will have to play their way into the first round. They're headed to Dayton Ohio to face Arizona state on Wednesday night if they win they'll play buffalo on Friday. Buffalo is thirty one and three by nearly one of the big eastern. Seton Hall went from an NC double a bubble to allot the pirates.

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