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Too short. This. Sure. Management wanted us to work on Saturday. There. We told them to F off its radio from hell bested the week on x ninety six so yesterday. Yes. No sunday. Yes. So you went church course, went to mass. No, we didn't go to mass. No. We we were out running errands and things and it's science fair time. So we're busy doing science beer stuff and buying potions mixers. And. Yeah. Exactly poster born. Had to go to Michael's. So we decided to go off for breakfast. Which was part of the science fair experiments. Sure. Well, 'cause you're out. Yeah. And we decided to go to a place go to quite often. Haunts, and I'm not going to tell you where it is. Okay. And you'll see why? Because I don't know what to do with this. So I need your help. Okay. We very very busy. Very busy restaurant. I know the place and often is yeah. And we we order. Mohammed ordered some chocolate chip pancakes a stack of them. Yeah. And he doesn't go. You know, a lot of people with the chocolate chip pancakes, you take the four can you go all the way through the stack? And you he likes to eat the cakes one at a time. Oh. Okay. The next one and he's got a little mouth. So we're eating and he gets through layer one of the pancake. And then he said. Dared. What's that? Lace underneath.

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