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So let let's do that next year how friendly how friendly can you be now how how i next mesa in ireland momoh and mike trudell in for john espn like what's going on mason ireland show ireland's been gone lots of we've been trying to mix it up in try a bunch of different things so today it's momoh and mike trudell in high we were talking about in this era uh there's definitely a change uh starting with harvey weinstein and on uh where you asked the question mike how friendly can you be and you're less friendly now derive which i am not even now but i i just think that what my so my perception of certain there's there's a certain way that young women are treated right in the in in this i think this has gotten better in 2018 that wasn't you know two thousand six i guess when i had my first job and i just i didn't want to add to that fire by by having them think that i was god with trying to get something out of a conversely right right right and so in so instead i i just sort of politely no smile and not if if occasion for a conversation comes up which is unfortunate i think in some senses but but at the same time in italy's maybe it's one person who's not you know being thought of in that context i'll give you a specific incident this happen over allstar weekend.

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