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Anyway I was just gonna invite people over because it's just a lot, I don't, like that's one thing that's really awful about being like couples, I guess is having to go to. Everybody's house and I have an especially when your parents are split up so let's four, houses that you might have to end up going, to throughout the day and everyone wants to. Have at the same, time but then everyone's offended if. You don't go and I was like I'm, not doing that this year I'd want my holidays to be not, stressful and so I decided that? I'm going to cook and so on I have quite quite a few, people I think there's gonna be like. Ten of us and that's I'm really looking forward. To. Actually if you want to check out on talking there's a. Lot of Turkey's on the homepage video on their ten minutes long and, it shows, a lot of fun wild turkeys to team turkeys to attack, turkeys and everything else so you could. Check it out on the homepage at talking TA okay I n talking, I'm actually going to a country club so I'm, going to have dinner they're wonderful yeah I'm. Going with the three, or four my friends okay we're. Gonna do that it's always so nice when, somebody waits on you and you haven't had to sleeve over everything She's, like I'm not going this year too much, to put together. I'm stressed out and too much, to clean up and I said there's nothing like having dinner. At home though I still think that's the that's, tradition that's the best but hey so anyway I'll be your friends so that'll be cool that's all that matters so once again happy holidays everybody out there and a happy, thanksgiving don't forget Thanksgiving Day after the, Thanksgiving Day parade you can watch the dog show national dog. Show with our friend David fry absolutely and normally he's on with. This. Time. Of the year but I haven't heard from him so but David, for is going to be on. John o.'hurley. And, also Mary Carillo is going to be part of. It. But they can tune. In on that Thursday which is thanksgiving thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday no matter what the That, would be the. Twenty third twenty third next week, I had a look So yeah then so and the national dog show actually, it's on, NBC it's one of the most popular. Show show so great job John Hurley He's so hilarious is, he's funny as could be and, David is, just Mr. knowledge himself. In Mr. personality, so you could check that out in a matter of fact, Andy, Cohen you, may know him of course from watch what happens live? On Bravo and he's the one that created. All those shows the housewives Miami the housewives and then. Also queer eye dad in what was it I think there was one that I watch I can never remember the name modeling show project runway so. That's his two, and a, top chef is one of his shows. He's coming on actually to tell us about Corinne is number dog actually hashtag sorry hashtag dog thanking, movement and that's going to be going on and what that, is is that if you participate in. It and. He'll tell you all about it but if you participate. In it every, time that you, participate, a dollar. Goes towards the hurricane victims wonder fan that's, the ones. The people, as well as their pets so it's a, it's a great great great service so if you can take. Part in it please do so again Andy Cohen is going. To be Joining, us. In about five minutes so stay tuned for that but we'll be talking with him and basically for every. Original post submit it through November. Twenty six using the hashtag, number dog. Thanking the tagging at your Rena, actually they will donate. One dollar to, greater good dot org up to fifty thousand dollars in organization, devoted, to improving, the health.

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