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Paramedics arrived on the love love. We just didn't get there in time. We didn't have enough time to fully wrap the dick we didn't didn't have the cooling technology sir. We ran out of t shirts. We ran out of t shirts. No they started implementing like that. T shirt gun sporting. They just start shooting at the dick's paper extreme shirt. Dude tom. god paul i yeah i hope no one from your school is listening to this. We're going to need to start. Go for me. Oh my god. This is rebecca. Thank you for joining us particularly. Enjoy the at dick wrapping chuck. We're having me. Where can people find you rebecca. Yeah you can find me and can find me not wrapping up. Someone's i did not go to the channing. Tatum medical school adam. I wanna see. I wanna see a fucking pamphlet with with with with with drawings and how to do this those cpr pamphlets agony low hum. You can hear me not talking about dixon. T shirts on unprepared casts star trek. I guess i do with brooke. You can also hear me on shiro and the podcast of power. Also that one with brooke and our friend cindy paul. Of course my co host on animated that cast and yeah and that's mostly what you can find these days all right. Thank you sorry. I'm sorry i think like this like this has been the most hair larrea thing for me. I think listeners are going to be like. This is the dumbest shit. I've ever listened to anyone ever in my good laugh though giggle paul where can people find you sir. Movies from the heart animated back cast with rebecca. And then jesse can't delorean. I got a little podcast called cinna dudes debts out. That's a lot of fun awesome. Awesome check out the senators right now. Mike winkle i have a feeling my wrapping his penis up assured or something. Now.

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