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If he believes he if he is who he believes he is and who rubber mccracken believes he is then he's going to have to winning start on saturday now and he's talked about that you mentioned that lives a line he mentioned about ultra effort to it show i'll make sure it's a good include fashion as he's i said i said i will win and it could be showed and if is being good fashion so he's let you know he's not gonna club this guy he's not going to spent seven or eight rounds for five rows even free routes club in this guy and make you look ugly if he finishes early he's going to set the guy up set the guy out and do it properly mike it is an i'm not saying he is going to be the greatest heavy way of all time in history but after mentioned his lawn it was half jokey toffan alga he's in the never putting a foot wrong business because right now he is striding down that path and if he does a job on sack him where he does a wise to show it gets a little bit involve pulls up does something says will stop soon 506 route that will be a thoroughly professional performance against the guy and other fruit issue before we move away from joshua had joshua been named is pool live not one less seat would have been sold let's get that absolutely right and if we were switching if tackle but injured his shoulder and we were bringing pool levin trust me it's that absolutely interchangeable and everyone talking about the joshua fi whoever's in the opposite corner should be a very special atmosphere at the principality stadium on saturday night more than seventy thousand tickets so we'll talk about.

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