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We're rolling out the same running back receiver combinations and everything that we We were rolling out a week one. That's correct right. Logan thomas at tight end brown and terry mclaren the starting wide receivers adam humphreys in the slot antonio gibson the primary tailback correct. I watched that game by the way this morning. Washington chargers game. How did yami brown not catch one of those passes. It's like unbelievable. Guess guess what. We're going to do a single digit number. Two number six is already worth nine. You know what it is what it should be a thirty one and a half should be not one that goes over and starts tonight unbelievable. So obviously there's no there's no fluidity in the washington skill position players where like it'd be uncertainty and we would bet into that like making gas basically which can be a valuable. It's really more. It sounds like you're just really really down on the giants rush defense basically of what it sounds like like it's it's worse than we think. Well it's two things working in concert. And i think the giants run. I don't think the giants run defense is like absolute garbage. But i don't think it's as good as maybe we thought it was based on last week and i also really like gibson gibson's like ridiculously talented. So those things working in concert lead me to the gibson rushing yards over. But i also think you can have success in the passing game. Now maybe we lean more towards rushing yards here. Because you know who knows about the kiss sake with the backup quarterback ear. But i do think that it's worth at least disgusting. Some of these gibson props yeah. I would agree with you with heineke. And just we don't know what his tendencies are going to be so trying to guess about past harder distribution is really tough and what we do wide receiver as maybe we have the same question So i if you had to pick one of the two hours gibson over rushing yards. it's i mean it's not a huge number in the context of like the truly elite running backs. So yeah maybe you're still getting them like on the way basically big usage last week questionable rush defense putting it nicely. If i had to pick between the two i think rushing yards would probably be my vote there. Do you agree with the other. One i do. I do agree with that. Not a lot of time left in this segment. I wanna say like it's we can put it up for the royal consideration but like combating it. I'm betting dombi brown over thirty and a half receiving yards betting brand plus three forty anytime touchdown. Because he's gonna coca dorie jackson. Just like jerry judy. Last james bradberry gonna follow terry maclaurin. He's gonna get targets and he's really good diabe brown over yards and anytime.

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