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Saturday fifty five degrees with partly cloudy skies tonight sunshine in the morning partly sunny in the afternoon a high of seven chance of afternoon showers and seventy five sunday i'm our tv six meteorologist kevin gregory crumbled city of angels near the pacific ocean good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world i'm george noory those open lines here's what's happening ten times in hawaii on the big island just an hour after a large tremor friday morning a six point nine magnitude earthquake shook the big island off hawaii sending people fleeing from buildings and community centers at increasing concerns now about new eruptions from killer whale bystanders said the latest quake appeared the last about fifteen seconds that's a long rumbling time it came about an hour after a five point four magnitude shook the big island on friday followed by a fifth eruption spewing lava into a little subdivision out there where they have evacuated we'll keep our eyes on that i've been getting some calls from some friends in hawaii their tents a massive sinkhole has opened up on a new zealand farm with volcanologists saying it's the biggest he has ever seen in the country we've got that story over at coast to coast am dot com for you the connecticut supreme court has ruled for a new trial to be held for kennedy cousin michael skakel who was convicted for the one thousand nine hundred seventy five murder of martha moxley friday's decision by the court vacated skakel's earlier conviction and rule that michael sherman his trial lawyer did not show the court evidence of a possible alibi north carolina food processor has recalled more than seventeen point seven tons of ground beef some of which was sold in kroger stores for possible contamination with plastic bits in the beef food safety coach jeff nelken jeff you might as well set up an office here my gosh we're calling you every week now well you know with all the grinding of meat going on all it takes is a plastic year just not to be lubricated correctly and all of a sudden it's starting to grind down and you end up with plastic pieces you know it in the.

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