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System works properly the scaling system works properly all the stuff that's built into the phone for excessive ability because you're not cheating you're going through that subsystem you get it automatically yes that's an important distinction of germs making we're not drawing everything like florida would be doing right we're actually controls by styling them by laying them out as needed using our containers like grids and styles and all that revisit huge distinction yeah and i think wildly important but at the same time it makes me question your pixel perfect goal because in the end you are still allowing that device do some rendering there to make some decisions about how things look the platforms monitoring to be years where writing out to draw in works broke no k that's cool the i don't i'm not about i'm not account the pixels guy i just it's going to be a challenge to be that accurate so i just found the the latest audio recorder plug in for cameron and it looks like it looks like it works so there's a it's an audio recorder plug in for zama and in windows it works on android uw p an i o s in records audio devices microphone input so there you go that'd be good at web sandy support has while visitors microphone api's as well right wild i it doesn't work on a streams though it's sort of just like a start recording stop recording get access to the file within event so it's not like it doesn't look like there's a string i'll wait a minute no it's also possible to get a stream to the recording audio data as it's being recorded so okay i i sit corrected it looks like it works it's only recording in wave audio format so far and signal detection is not currently working as well in new wpro that's but it's they're very interesting i don't know if anybody else cares but me but there you go.

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