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Surgery Work. Actually go hear what, he has to say not what, the media says because, let me explain something I keep saying it but a memo break, this down The level of disenfranchisement, lives that we see out. Of corporate Donald for, media all over the world now Is Five times more insane than during the campaign Because they were worried to push too. Hard white people up four with their lives so. They they rigged debates and they lied they they said Hillary didn't fall down and all that they should anybody that, votes for conservatives is. A racist or whatever, but he didn't work, so they went well we have no choice but to go all the way in now Why, is CNN the New. York Times Washington Post, BBC I mean literally, thousands of publications day Shang ban info wars Talking about. Us because, once they set the precedent for us it's everybody Sure, enough you're? Saying, ban FOX is off Twitter and Facebook saying ban Tucker Carlson Tuesday no he's the most on target ban, Sean Hannity They're making their move his they're desperate civil unrest there trying to. Cause riots I've got all these videos on. Infowars dot com. We'll get. To next hour where I mean they are just, beating up Christian, conservatives in. The, left is out in force it is crazy Pelosi Maxine Waters are calling for. All this violence And then they misrepresent with hoaxes just like they launched the. First Iraq war claiming the baby's brain stomped out They're saying that I beat up a kid in Missouri CNN Forbes had to. Retract, it didn't matter by then YouTube channel is blocked no I showed ABC. News showing this kid punching, a guy in the face so the guy pushing down But again why would they, tell such blatant lies when their show verifiably false because. They're planning something big. They're making their move not just here but. Worldwide what civil unrest. With election fraud with all these. Cities legalizing illegal aliens voting should always denied. They, were doing they're making their move you can feel it your gut your. Spirit you can see it S. because big. Corporate governments in trouble Chinese are in trouble Hollywood's in trouble the. NFL's got thirty. Forty percent less viewers same with Hollywood they paid tens of millions of dollars Eighteen million dollars for Anderson Cooper to launch this. Big vaunted height everywhere show. Daily on Facebook and they put pushed. Out a. Vacation so I never got. To push notification. For my own live feeds on my phone. I got one. Monday and Tuesday night watch Anderson Cooper An average of four thousand viewers a. Peak of five thousand five. Hundred he had Jim Acosta the fake. News king on Show before they shadow band us on Facebook, rabbit video had a million two million views I mean I could sit. At my dinner table and do one at midnight Then I got calls. Come to New York Facebook you're really. Big blah blah. Blah leave us, alone play. Ball off record meetings shut it folks, you'll be part of this trusted guardian. Group we're going to. Set up years later they've, set up they just said just stop bashing come meet and get. Our agenda and we'll let you reach your followers you'll be number one and for about a month it was like five million. Ten million, views videos like God almighty they were just letting my viewers seeming Didn't play. Ball they restricted it down to a couple, hundred thousand crush that down what they found. Is, they did big, studies, on, it, last week the, news put it, out everybody, copied it put. Elsewhere so they realized what was a feeder. A feeder and I don't wanna put. Out a lot. Of ten million, people with. The truth out to a thousand because, then it will grow the truth grows. Ally he no halfway. Around the world for the, truth puts its pants on but the light doesn't have roots it. Just blows over in the wind analogy But the seeds fallen rocks the Birgitta I want stuff I'd rather have one big OPRI there for a. Thousand years in a. Bunch of stuff it just blows away in a thousand little plants come, up with the first sun comes. Out in the summer and it's all dead I saw a place to put a swing set up for my kids That's not a. Future is it safe, so I want real people I. Don't want fluff I. Don't want high but I don't want. The -ception I want the diamonds I don't want the the the chaff And that's why they're so angry is it can you. Imagine their full? Push and push notifications to. Millions of people Shane. Anderson Cooper is on, with all the hype on every. Channel Anderson Cooper like. Like God is returning to earth like Shoot it like it's low tech they have like honking cars in the, background like oh it's low tech Four thousand, viewers, per twenty minutes Gentleman a teenager. Picking their. Nose has more viewers they're dead. You can't make people watch. It you can't make them listen and so they look at us despite everything they've done getting. Hundreds of TV stations all this they. Don't know what to do show they want it. All and they want it now so they're going to engage in fraud and bullying. Used to CNN would run. Munster propaganda invade some terrible country now they run months propaganda. Four months, of every day shutdown Alex Jones To get a couple strikes and frees us, live streaming There It's not that I'm that. Strong it's that they're that. Week Their pathetic but. We still even. Republican congressman hoops say something nice. About me I'll be nice it's. Like you're a trained seal It'd. Be like a, mouse training a. Lion to grovel. Before it but it's like a bacteria training a lion to bow before it it's. It's a. It's a hoax it's all joke they're done unless they can cause a civil war unless they. Can call garbage Brentwood Mark dies the forklifts at Mark is dot com where he goes over the numbers of, four thousand viewers on average during his twenty minutes show the cost eighteen million dollars shot on an iphone is a sick joke showing, the disconnect to these people that will come back with the next level of. Persecution actually like China's dealing not letting you fly not letting you live in a country going after he this global social score here's a clip yesterday Anderson Cooper kicked, off his brand new Facebook livestream when she's. Going, to be doing, five, days a week which Facebook is paying CNN to, produce take a look. And see how it went now, as I, said remarkable it didn't take long for, Democrats chastise President Trump probably. No surprise there. Some Republicans also condemned the president Notably Senator John McCain said in a statement I wanna read part of, it to you you may be wondering what that noise is in the background. And it's actually an audio track that they played throughout the entire broadcast trying to be like some cool hip millennial YouTube blogger which plays annoying background music during your, YouTube video later the show he was joined. By, Jim Acosta and, as. You can see by the live viewer count here, they didn't even have. Five thousand people into the stream Vertically for mobile devices. Because apparently they're. Audience, doesn't know that you can turn your phone. Sideways and expanded poll screen when you're watching media later in the stream. Anderson decided to answer some audience questions to make the show interactive and. By that time the viewership dropped down to under four thousand people what story did you do that Eddie long lasting. Of going you can't quit looking at Mark dice have you noticed he's alive and being real you can't you can't even look at Cooper when he's, on your, all looking at dies the of course they want. To shut us down they kick healthcare reform is, confusing with the loss of the ObamaCare mandate..

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