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It's the Rick Edelman show every Saturday at ten on six hundred a MWR AC six hundred ninety two point one FM. This is the Ben Ferguson show on six hundred W R, E C N six hundred dot com. Well, it looks like the government is going to get back open and Donald Trump is taking some heat from some conservatives over this saying he cave, I'm gonna explain to you. What is fact what is fiction what you need to know about this shutdown? And I spoke just got a phone call about an hour ago with the White House. So people can understand exactly what had happened with this. And I'm gonna explain that to you first second. But I wanna remind you something else real quick when people say that legal immigrants are not a threat to this country. And that we the Republicans and wanting the wall is being somehow irrational, I just want you to know that the attorney general for Texas Ken Paxton just released information from the secretary of state, the discovered more than ninety five thousand individuals who are non US citizens that have matching voter registration records in Texas. That means that ninety five thousand individuals in Texas. Are non-citizens who had registered to vote. What's even more shocking than that? Is approximately fifty eight thousand of those ninety five thousand actually voted in Texas elections. This is this is the fact now this is not this is not up for debate. So fifty eight thousand illegal immigrants. Actually, again, fifty this is, you know, people can say, whatever they wanna say, this is the facts fifty eight thousand people I want you to I want you to think about this fifty eight. Faouzi people fifty eight thousand people. Voted who are illegal immigrants who did not have the right to vote and cancer American citizens votes in Texas alone in the last selection. I all I can say is what what else do you want to know? Don't. Don't tell me that this is not an issue of security for this country. Don't tell me that this is not something that people should understand. It's disgusting. But this is exactly where we are. Now. So wanted to let you know about that. Now second thing that people need to understand. And this is something that's really important. There is a the government is going to end up going back into what we would referred to as normal or semi normal working order. There is a lot of people that are putting out misinformation. Some of the headlines. This Trump caves on the shutdown. The president said repeatedly he agreed to no deal unless it contains money for the wall. Until today the Senate passes funding Bill to end the shutdown. The reason why Donald Trump agreed to this is because there were two senators Republicans that were actually working against Donald Trump one of those was Lamar Alexander. One of those was Lamar Alexander. The other one was Mitt Romney. They apparently were working with five other Republicans a total of five such say three other Republicans to basically, screw the president on this government shutdown and possibly work with the Democrats. The Republicans got wind of this. They heard about the understood what was going on that Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney were trying to screw the president behind his back that obviously was a huge problem. And just some of the things that had happened over the last couple of hours. There was also what they were told if some walkouts that were being planned in a union like manner sick out fake walkouts are fake get out of work days for government plays including TSA. And there was a possibility. They said of all also with the FAA the president also did not want people to miss a third paycheck. And that's what we were heading towards after people. More miss the paycheck today that would be the second paycheck. And so the president decided all right? We'll take three weeks where we can hopefully work together. What's even more shocking about what the president did today is all of this was done with the help with no help from Nancy pleasure. Chuck Schumer what I was told from from White House sources that the president never spoke for this job happen with Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. This was actually done in essence behind checking Nancy's back from. More common sense normal people more common sense normal people in the Democratic Party who also realize we need to get the government back open. And let's move forward. As for the state of the union. It will not happen next week. I've been told from White House sources as well. There's just no way to get that open and answer isn't going allow that to happen that quickly she wants to drag it out a little bit. What will happen in the next three weeks the White House again from my sources say we don't know yet. Because Nancy Pelosi has not spoken with the president. We would need official invite until she basically puts it on Twitter. And or since that letter, and then puts it on Twitter, we won't know policy in the state of the union. She was asked about this a few moments ago, and I'm getting this right now. She her words apparently were not planned yet. Again, this is breaking as we speak. So I'll give it to you house speaker Nancy Pelosi just said, quote, just because the federal government is expected fully reopen does not necessarily mean President Trump say the union address will take place next week at this news conference following Trump's announcement. There was a deal to end the partial shutdown Pelosi was asked by a reporter if the city union will go on his originally scheduled on Tuesday night. The White House has already said, no it won't. So this is just echoing that to say the union is is not playing now is what she said what I said, the president is when the government is open. We will discuss a mutually agreeable date. And we'll look forward to doing that. And welcome the presence of house representatives for the state of the union when we agree on that. Now senior White House official appear to agree to the presence of the union address will not be on Tuesday. Which is exactly what I told. You asked about a later date that you need to ask the speaker that which is exactly what I just told you. So this is basically news that I've already given you about what needs to be. You're saying here. So that's just some of what we have right now on this. I wanted to give you that update. I don't believe that the president caved. I believe that the president was in this situation, the bigger man, if I thought that he caved, and the White House officials that I talked to about an hour ago made it very clear, the president has not abandoned his border fund wall funding, the president has not caved on that. This is a three week reopen the government to stop allowing these people that are hard working those the airports and other things that I have a very big negative impact on our economy. To be able to do their jobs and do what they need to do. And I think that is important. I think it's I don't think there's anything wrong with this. I think this is exactly what the president should do. And I think it's probably it's unfortunate. But it is it is what we should do. Now. This is an it's the president at this point really had. No, no option really really had no option at all on this. And this was going to be and I don't think he wanted it to go three. I just don't I don't think he wanted it to go three weeks with people are three pay periods of people missing actually missing paychecks. It would have been I I think it just would have been awful. It would have been really sad for this country. It would have been sad for this workers. I think the other part was having some Republicans who were starting to work against the president that included Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney was something that they were very concerned about as well, it was something that they were very concerned about because you had these Republican rhinos that weren't standing firm and looking to work with the Democrats, which means we would have gotten a much worse deal. It would have not been as good of a deal as we were able to get right now, you can criticize the president over this. And I certainly will listen to that criticism. I'll take your phone calls, but knowing now what was happening behind the scenes knowing that Mitt Romney knowing that Lamar Alexander, we're working deliberately with Democrats against this president knowing that they were working with three other Republican senators to vote down to screw the president states of America. Which is exactly what you would expect for Mitt Romney Lamar Alexander. Let's be honest Mitt Romney has done more to help the Democrats since he became an elected Senator than he's ever done to help the Republicans. So that's where we are now with this. It's really sad. It's the truth though. Again, this is this is just how it works. And it is really really really really sad. But it is the truth, and you have Republicans do more damage to the Republican leadership to this presence agenda than Democrats. Whether it be thumbs down vote for John McCain in the Senate, whether it'd be Mitt Romney writing an op-ed trashing the president the day before it becomes a Senator whether it'd be Lamar Alexander working against us, president more than he works in four is president and Democrats are United Democrats are very very much United. So this was the best deal that we could get and knowing that the president was about to get screwed by his own party. Is is really sad. But it's also the way it works. So I wanna get again your phone calls on this. We'll see what you think about it. The number five three five nine seven three two one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two. It's been Ferguson show. Much more coming up six hundred WABC and ninety two point one.

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