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And it just sort of dealing with the hardships of of what is very inhospitable environment. Show tree and yeah. Yeah yeah yeah just kind of free. As as i said before you free in in in focusing on the other stuff then and you know i mean compare that to being on sound stage somewhere wearing all these layers as you would do Our climate tv embroiling hard. I mean not not set us but probably more impression more impressive to in some ways act against a green screen in some ways for both of you guys and andrew. We can start with you know one of the things that is a hallmark of this series is the feeling that you're getting exactly what you want. I know you might smirk at that. Because i'm sure you would say i. There are plenty of times where. I didn't get what i wanted to replenish things that i wish i could go back and change but you know i can talk to me a little bit about the tension that might have been there of having something in your head that you would love to execute but then shooting in such an extreme environment that sometimes you're going to have to take whatever it gives you. It's true like you know i always. I'm preplanned as much as i can. In terms of getting an idea of how shoot something but still we bold. And i don't shortlist down to the New shy. I need to get. And i think i have to back misconduct There is really a choice so you might think there is one way that you want to shoot. Say the seal homes within in the reality of it. We couldn't find enough is to work on the wild to set around looking for stable enough ice to to put ship alongside then. We had a couple of hours to shoot so you had another global warming gift of global warming that you couldn't find any ase pretty much less that should be they usually about some of you and so you have less time than you would like and you know we were losing. It was getting dark by half an hour. Each day was getting dark dacas so the days are getting But the truth is i love that kind of that excitement and that tension that is created because it means you have to think you have to think okay this is actually the shot the beacon that we need to shoot now to make this to make the sequence and i kind of love by it creates an excitement attention and you know everybody feels it and you have to work hard as quick as you can and sometimes having too much time and too much time to kind of think about things is actually the worst exhibit jacquier in almost every scene in this series but the thing that i love so much about your performances an extraordinary scene partner you are like some of my favorite moments of the show are when you're reacting to someone else's behavior especially in your in some of the moments you have with colin and i was just wondering if you could talk about the experience of working with him but also what it was like when he would surprise you onset because i feel like there are a couple of moments especially when you are interrogating him about the cabin boy and there's sort of big Turn there that. You just seem sincerely surprised by what is happening and it is the most. It's the most natural reaction. It really grabs you by their collar. Don't you think calling lock on me. And he's he's an actor. What describe as assert intolerable. You're not of that. You're gonna get something extraordinarily special from him every time you go out you saw that again. Just just makes your life easier because you off somethin' Phenomenal to be activated and saw is not a lot of effort that goes.

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