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I mean to boss. Guess they were going to New York but anyway they they came up together and They didn't clash in a ruthless a jovial outgoing pillow like a good time. Maze describes very dour kind of tight arse. Guy and he had a reputation for throwing hitters. He frequently lead the League and hit batsmen but He also was unique in that. He crew under head and he he had hurt his arm and the minor, league? So switched to submarine style pitching. But. Unlike most pitchers who threw in the submarine style or the under in style maze, we're still a power pitcher and Rachana. They'll James Great Baseball historian. Has said that maze was the only power pitcher among the Syrian pitchers? So, with this unusual deliver, he was a very tough for hitters. When they came up to face and. And this was a critical game may started for the Yankees Chatman was leading the Indians. and. They used to players you know from a common background, very diverse personalities, but you know they. They would leave both of the meal with tragic consequences. A one man lost his life and the other would forever be haunted by throwing the pitch that killed. Ray. Chapman. We're speaking with Mike Sowell whose book the pitch that killed documents what happened on August Sixteenth One thousand nine hundred twenty at the Polo grounds the only on field fatality in Major League baseball history. So it's an afternoon game. Obviously, there were no night games that point the Yankees are playing at the Polo Grounds Yankee Stadium would not open for another two seasons. What happened well, it had been raining. Rain early in the day and I corps of the game. But in the fourth inning. Chapman came up already mad at twice in the game. So he was the you know theater. The Indian tend to lead it was a close game. And the rain had stopped so there was. No rain happening. But on this particular pitch. When? I'm in for some reason, it came in inside is a little bit high and inside. And it's. Coming from an unusual angle you're coming from underground. And the Yankee catcher buddy rule said, he always had trouble with Carl, mazes pitches because he really couldn't tell always where they were going to say took. Unusual shoots. and. Turns. And Chapman liked to crowd the plate, but he rarely was hit by pitch in fact A baseball book came out the day with the how to play baseball and Chapman. We used as the ideal batting stance at the plate. But anyway for some reason, on this pitch, Chapman pros didn't move boats coming to his head. And it hit him with such force into the side of the head..

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