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Storm Zeta moves on a path to the northern Gulf Coast with part of the Florida Panhandle in its forecast Cone the storm, a record tying 27th of the season, should arrive midweek voter turnout for the number of the third election approaches. 40%. With more than a week left Florida State University political science professor Carol Weissert says they could run a virus pandemic will lead to more people voting before election Day than ever, she says, though it's hard to tell what the early numbers mean in 2020 Democrats vote early, and then the Republicans will probably vote later. So I don't think we can make too much of it because I think, too, that the election's going very close, so it's too early to be making any predictions. Early voting has begun in all Florida counties. Man continues through next Saturday. Election day itself comes the following Tuesday. A South Florida businessman wants voters to pass Amendment three, which would open Florida's primary elections to any registered voter like Fernandez has put up $1.2 million for the political committee All voters vote, which aims to pass the amendment. That would put all candidates into a single primary with the top two in that advancing to the general election. Florida voters could add an amendment to the state constitution that would make it harder for them to add amendments to the state Constitution amendment for would require future amendments to go on the ballot and passed into different elections to become law. Critics say it's not needed. It's already difficult in Florida to pass an amendment because of the 60% requirement. Kate McFall of the Humane Society of the United States helped get the amendment passed in 2018.

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