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Thursday at noon eastern time guys again thursday at noon eastern time. Today the northport florida police department will be holding a press conference. There are multiple expected speakers and this includes the northport police chief todd garrison a representative of the fbi as well as a member of gaby's family were unsure if it is her mother or father that will be televised live and i assume they will be providing an update Like a status update on this case. Secondly as you'll hear in this episode there was a domestic dispute call that was made in moab utah on august twelfth. While gabby and bryan were making their trip. At the time of the recording there was no contacts no further information. All anyone knew that there wasn't a domestic dispute. I highly suggest if you were interested in this case you join the facebook group find gabby otherwise i will be posting the actual report on all of our social media channels as well. The context with the support is actually very very very important because when you hear domestic disturbance you pretty much usually think of one or two things right so basically what happened is on august twelfth. A police officer responded to domestic hall. Apparently someone witnessed a young couple fighting. They reported a man taking a woman by the mouth and pushing her. Obviously that was enough to warrant a phone call to the police right. The police pull over the van. Brian was driving. Gabby was in the passenger seat and she was very very upset and crying. I will let you read the full report by basically. Both gabby and brian agreed. That gabby was having mental health issues. They got into an argument. There trip had been straining their relationship. They were starting to have issues and she was scratching him She had slapped him grabbed him and he apparently pushed her away. That is the story that they both maintained. The officer arrived separated them. They maintain the same story He decided to de-escalate. Brian ended up staying in a hotel with police assistance. That evening gabby state in the van. They separated them for the evening and then they got back together and by all accounts they went on their way but again i will post this police report for that. It has finally been made. Public is definitely worth reading. And i don't think it's quite what any of us expected. But as of right now a little after midnight on thursday morning That is at so check out. The police report from the domestic call on august twelfth and then also to later this afternoon at noon eastern time there will be a press conference with a status update on this

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