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And you can go on twitter. You can go on reddit. That's not location based it's also hard to know who's actually on the other end to make a great first impression unless you already have a following engine better solution here let's end with one pushback and then one takeaway so the pushback would be. I'm old enough to remember a start up called needing the premise of which was let a thousand flowers bloom and and could they're not going to be just one social network there can be you know tons of social networks for every niche in the world and that kinda didn't work out 'cause face kind of was that for everything and we even here that still today when we talk about facebook even people that don't like to use facebook anymore are still stuck there because of their groups. You know they're quilting group or whatever so again that's sort of talking about what you're talking about so my pushback would be well. Who's to say that any of these platforms facebook twitter. Instagram can't just do this like. Is this an idea whose time has come or are we in danger of well. Of course facebook in some other platform will just absorb these ideas and do them. Let's say two things in response to that. Facebook groups is is still a very powerful product and a lot of people still use facebook groups. I i know buildings who all their tenants are using facebook groups to even just interact with their hoa but like facebook groups are still very very powerful but there are some use cases where they don't necessarily work One is on facebook everything real identity and there are cases where you want to engage in certain topics. And you don't want people to be able to click into your facebook profile and see how many mutual friends you have. There are topics even support group. Where you want to control how much information the other side has about you in there are also groups where you maybe want to charge money to be part of the curated group right you. Maybe want to have exclusive subgroups within that group. There are a lot of functionality features. may face the will build them but facebook groups hasn't built a huge set of features yet i think that scratches all of those inches and i think i i go back to that identity point which is why do think these third parties will always still have have a place. Because there's a lot of topics. Even i think about like parenting amami topics like you don't always want to use your full name and identity when you're asking random question about something you're not known for and it's because we inherently have multiple identities that i think leaves room for more than one social network right and i think that we we are now habituated to using different social networks in different use cases. And like this is what. I use for my quilting interests. This is one of us or my. I think you're right about that. The takeaway finally is something that you mentioned in one of the last. Say if i was a entrepreneur who who reads these essays and thanks mrs pointing me in the direction of where the puck is going. This is the future. What would your advice be should shouldn't entrepreneur attempt to steal away a chunk of these big platforms for themselves or should you rip apart the big platforms that go vertical yourself. Well i think to be honest. You're gonna hate this answer but them. Both of them can work like one of you have a feature functionality that existing incumbent just is not catering to and you do that feature better than anyone else i think that can spur a brand new network. Madd focus just on audio mayor focusing just on video or maybe you're just handling it in a way that allows for better search or better discovery at the same time there are whole communities that are willing to migrate off of these existing platforms the tricky thing on that So either the community has to be quite young or or you have to really convince them to migrate have all their historic chats other historic rat relationships that are already built onto a brand new platform at the latter. One is probably harder to be honest and than starting with a feature as a witch it would fit a thousand different startup so it doesn't matter it's not binary choice about can work. And that's what i'm say- that's what. I'm saying what i love about a sixteen z. Is that you love to show your work and you love to share what you're thinking about so i appreciate you coming on to do just that. It's nine pleasure. I hope everyone cheques. Social strikes back will link lincoln lincoln. The show nuts and thank you connie..

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