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Gonna go switch gears. We got to talk about some of the market activity that we're already seeing this new year, including once again, an active market to take companies public. Amazing. Just a couple weeks in right, Tim the 2021 I po market, often runny. We cut up With Bloomberg News deals. Reporter crystals see to hear about the activity. We we really are saying the yet with very, very sizable on high profile IPO's just this week, we have seen at least six companies when public in New York on that includes Petco, and that includes a firm posh Mar. A lot of them are consumer facing companies. We have seen a bunch of technology companies went public. Laid in the quarter. But let it be consumer attack. 2021 is going to be a year of another record year, potentially for IPO's. We already have seen, you know, certain companies come out and say that they have either confidentially found or engaging advisors on listings, so not only that we are potentially going to Seymour directly saying given there now. Able to raise cos I would raise a proceeds from from these transactions. So all in all, it's gonna be a big year for E. C. M. For capital markets on bit's The best is one of the best start in the year. That was seen s Oh, yeah. Petco and Theodore options really help them in terms of growth, And it's not just a short term, um, actual term boost in revenue or in business that they're gonna see. People who adopt during the pandemic are going to have the pet for the next decade or so, And that really helped him and it's the same train that they see in the suburbs and in cities. Um so in terms of extension, um millennials, getting pets and covert definitely have been a driver. Echo a name that's going public for a second time and with a great ticker. We're talking about Petco Health and Wellness, which follows the pop prints of chewy, which went public last year and bark expected This year via SPAC. Let's not forget that Julie was a cover story at Bloomberg Business Week. I mean, it's all about everybody's pets. I do want to say, though, that the owner of the animal supply chain store Petco Man, they raised 864 million in that I po. Yeah, a lot right, and it returned the retailer to the public market 15 years after it was taken private. The company, which is changing its name to Petco Health and wellness Company, in conjunction with the listing sold 48 million shares for $18 each No. After the I P. A Petco will continue to be controlled by its current owners that includes CVC Capital Partners and Canada Pension Plan Investment board. They acquired Petco for 4.6 billion from TPG and Letter Green and 2016. A decade after those two firms took Peco private. It's one of those Harvard Business School's case, but it is I got to say yes, absolutely is. It also speaks to the cycle of this stuff, right public private, private public right, which we see a lot and in the process. Everybody's making a lot of money along the way we could. Up with Petco CEO Ron Coughlin and of that ticker, by the way, Let's get back to that. It's w 00 F wolf. Let me start with what hasn't changed. That hasn't changed is the mission of the company to really improve the lives of pets? Pet parent has always been in the hearts. Of the folks who work at Petco. But what's changed is we really retooled the business. Instead of being a big bag of dog food in a cart type company. We really become a complete partner for the health and wellness of a pet parrot, and we're really the only ones that can do that. Because we're the only ones who have a veterinary hospitals. Training, grooming that they online and the mass players don't have we have the highest and food with on Lee, retailers said. We're getting rid of artificial ingredients getting rid of shock collars. And then we have strong e commerce and our stores, which are now called pet care centers that Maura um or are working together. So here's an amazing fact for you 80% or e commerce orders are getting fulfilled. Who are pet care centers, which just gives us faster to the customer and lower costs versus competition, Right? You don't have to have these huge what massive distribution centers. We call that right? We call these micro distribution centers. Yes, and it really gives us a competitive edge. We talked about it as forward deployed inventory. Ron, I gotta say, I love dogs got my dog scout. She's quite the spoiled little critter. But what's interesting is that I've talked with the CEO of two. We follow this sector because it has really exploded. We have definitely seen it take off. Where's the most growth? Is it the healthcare side of it and the pet care centers? Is that it? Is it merchandise? What is it? So you're seeing explosive growth and services. So that's where we're putting a lot of effort. We're building out the fastest. That network build out in history really focused on The affordable vet care. 70% of pests don't get the care they need because of affordability. So we're rolling out 70 that hospitals a year, so that's a big growth area. And the other growth area is around digital. And that's where you know we were growing 20 to 30% before Cove it and we're growing 90% last quarter in our digital offering, So you're seeing that competitive it Competitive advantage Come through. Listen, we know the pandemic. I'm sure you've asked been asked this question A million times have forgive me. The pandemic led to people Adopting a lot of pets I know is I walked my dog over the last year. The streets were kind of littered with you could see the various, you know, pet retailer's e tailers boxes. Everybody was buying things for their pets argue at all concerned that as we all eventually get back to work that maybe that focus on our pets changes. Yeah, So, So first we have 3.3 million new pets in America today. Based upon what happened in covert and people needing a little more joy in their lives and those adoptions, and those need to be said they need to be groomed. They need to be trained and they're going to be vaccinated so that provide the lift the entire category in terms of change of behavior. The good news is more and more companies and plays or talking about working from home, so that should be good and more more employers are becoming dog friendly, so we don't anticipate and his history says There's not a lot of, you know returns if you will with live pets, so and if if you know where we actively try Tol, make sure that pets are put in homes. Peco Foundation Save 401,000 lives a year from euthanasia, and we're dedicated, trying eliminate euthanasia, so We're gonna be a catalyst for making sure that nothing bad happens. Excited, responsible pet ownership. That's the thing that I think you know, everybody needs to know about because that is going to help you in your cause there. Hey, brick and mortar. How important is that? Like I do you guys think about That you need to have to some extent, some saturation almost like a Starbucks where people if they're moving around, they need something for the pets that they see Pepco's everywhere. How important is that to the business story for you guys? You know, we're comfortable with our footprint will. What I will tell you is our brick and mortar pet care centers are absolutely sources of competitive vantage. You think about it right? They are the salons for pets. They're the hospital for pets and even the schools for peds s O R services make you know we get much more utilization than your traditional retailer..

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