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That an insurance company could possibly offer and so the the entry cost can be significant but once you're in it and you get a base of enrollment the you know you have to remember that the payments that they get monthly for medicare a roughly six times what they get paid in the commercial sector medicare advantage had been targeted to in the aca runup president obama had talked about maybe this program where we're subsidizing private health insurers isn't as good as the government health program that gap should be closed instead medicare advantage has only gone up since looking at the state of health insurers in twenty eighteen president donald trump has taken his shots at the industry and said that companies are failing in the aca marketplace but the most recent earnings reports have been incredibly positive what is the truth john howard health insurance doing in the healthcare system right now i i think great i mean when you look at you know their their investment record on wall street i mean these guys are darlings you see companies like united that are you know united now over two hundred billion dollar company and you know it's now serving something on the magnitude of one hundred fifteen million people and it's largely used the medicare program is the you know the the bedrock of its of its revenue in is that a good thing for united healthcare to be that large obviously working for them is it working for us as patients i think most united members are pretty happy the company's star ratings which is the the performance measurement system that that the medicare program uses to assess quality and value of their their ratings of consistently gone up you know they have a an acquisition track record that's unmatched in in the entire sector.

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