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And number four lebron said he wants to be off the ball meaning chris paul runs the show on comfortable with so mark stein story today is fixate on chris paul mark stein and woche break a lot of stories fixate on chris paul so i gotta believe when when the broader that press conference yesterday it was amazing he was joking laughing he is totally okay and i'm not comparing myself to lebron but i know when my last year espn and i thought i was leaving and then a month and a half out i'd come to terms with my current boss and it was all about paperwork and we'd come to an emotional conclusion i was making the move it was a great time i would go home after work until my wife i've never felt less pressure it was a it may have been messy publicly but i know when you're when you've given somebody everything you've got and you feel like you did your best there is a relief there is a did my best i'm moving on i got choices it's a great feeling lebron yesterday's at his press conference that's a happiest i've ever seen him just like joking with the press he feels he doesn't know cleveland anything he's got a bunch of options i don't kid yourself lebron's on the phone lebron on the phone in chris paul's boy and according to mark stein fixate on chris paul in i really i really believe this man got to connect the dots on stuff i don't believe in like fate and happenstance no everything's engineered everything nobody could keep a secret everything's engineered and when that la times story a couple of saturdays ago came out.

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