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Everybody continuing our week three recap of the NFL at the beginning of the show, You know, we talked about the WN BA playoffs and we talked about the MBA playoffs and, of course, Major League baseball and I will not mention Hocking anymore. If you are talking about the wrong show, because we really don't have any hockey experts on our show. We're going everyone on but he won't be in until later October. Season's over Eso. Let's talk about it. One of the teams on the agenda for the next step was the team out of Washington. I love that they don't have a name there. The Washington football team played the Cleveland Browns and the Browns came in and decided they remember how to play football. Two weeks in a row. Uh, I'm a big baker fan. He's on my fantasy team I've drafted in two years in a row. I have a thing for rookie quarterbacks that impressed me. I don't know why. I guess it's the high stress of if they're going to be good because you're going here we go the Chargers talk about hi. Stress. I sat Baker this week and put in the Oregon Ducks former Q B and he did not disappoint. But what was your thoughts on this game? I almost called him the Washington team. They look helpless. They came out in week. One got that radar behavior where they're like we're doing great this year and reality there one into what your thoughts are 19. Their defense is amazing, right? They didn't play that good this past week, But their defense is actually good. Their offenses hopeless, right? And I don't believe that they have much to look forward to as long as asking is there In the quarterback. I don't see it. I'm wondering when they're going to bring in Alex Smith for the good news story, right, But this guy come back, but there's there's nothing in their offense is exciting Cleveland. On the other hand, I love their offense. I wish Baker could get a little bit more activity from a completion percentage perspective, but chub and Hunt in the backfield who really cares about O, B. J and Landry? I mean, it's really those guys are killing it. So I'd like to see Cleveland continues right now. The lost last night from Baltimore on Monday night. There, too, and one together, right? Although Baltimore holds a tiebreaker, but they will play Tell her again, then to the next game, and you know where we're going on Ly team to blow, not one, but two big leads this season. It would be our friends from Atlanta. The Braves might be good for the Falcons definitely didn't get the memo after after the not understanding that when you're on the good and steam you can go get the ball and it doesn't need to roll 10 yards they once again. A huge 17 point lead end up losing to Chicago who have come out three. And so they changed their Q B during the game mean Mitch is not the guy they named in week. Four. Nick Foles, Everybody's hero from the Super Bowl. He's the starter. In my opinion, I think that there's a good I think if they get a good Q B that's the on ly piece. That team is missing. The defense's amazing They have a good coach. They have the pieces to be a contender in that division. And then there's the Falcons. What was your thoughts on that game? My thoughts are. I can't leave. Dan Quinn still has a job. I mean, after the Super Bowl debacle, I was thinking you should have got fired. But after Dallas I thought it was over and back to the airport, But he then he flew in and here with Chicago. He's still got a job. I'm blown away. I mean, it was cool for full The comments and have three touchdowns in the 3rd 4th quarter. It's just I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think Chicago's defense is stout. If they get a quarterback that can keep the ball put some points on the board. That could be all right. Right. But I don't I'm blown away. I'm I'm lost for words for Atlanta. I don't know where they go. They're starting on three in that division is not a good start. I mean, it's not a good start anywhere in the NFL measured in the NFC East, because that's the horrible but with with the Falcons, I don't think they had these plans to on one might have been a start that they thought of, but only three banquets. Gotta go, and they have to figure out where the defense is. It's time to rebuild in Atlanta, Arthur Banks a memo to you I know you like the guy. Sometimes you gotta even cut your friends. Uh, then let's head Tio. We'll head to the next game. The problem in San Diego because they will always be the San Diego Chargers in my heart. Good memories, But the Los Angeles Chargers had the Panthers in town. The Panthers, of course, no longer with Cam Cam moved on to the Patriots. The Panthers came in and beat the Chargers 21 16. Now the score doesn't doesn't equal what we saw in the field Panthers team decimated by injuries. Obviously Christian McCaffrey out chargers with a rookie. Q. Because poor Tyrod, right took the needle to the chest. I mean, that doctor probably doesn't have a job, people who probably should be fired. But that game he looked impressive as a quarterback threw his first interception on a stupid past. But again, rookie Q B. This isn't college. You learn from that. Take away from that game. Keenan Allen Still an amazing guy, you just throw the ball anywhere and we'll go get the boys got hops. He's got an amazing team. Good running backs. I think that team they're gonna be a wild card. I think they definitely charges gets weekend on that They have a division that you know the chief's. They're going to take it. But the Broncos definitely are anything we're going to get to them. Actually, a couple What did you catch that game?.

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