Football, Ravens, Joe Flaco discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Hour 3


So you still go tell me is about football are you still go tell me that this is about football you can come out here at saga by to be in business for everything else been now now now now now now now bad too many people try to tell us that this was about football if you really came out he has stood on a limb to say this is about football i don't know what you're going to do right now who football just came back and said now our rid speaking of this being about football what's allied to be joe flag all right now we joe flag or i now think about this were all operating here under this idea that maybe the ravens would bring calling captured again because he could be a backup for joe flaco because any body with eyes would have to acknowledge the cap predicts the better quarterback the ryan malott and it did not health that over the weekend ahead this scrimmage and what they say metal through five it assesses indiscriminate lead that's like that's like the al bundy in reverse ono five interceptions none of the season when game that was matt he gave you there so we say hey raves usbacked quarterback right let me tell you meant you roll brain captured again to be joe flack owes backup just watch joe flaco uber a captured akin to be joe flack owes backup to luggage oh flaco and say hey bre yuban connell wack since the super bowl and you don't owned this job this job does not belong to you step is up a we got somebody else that we could go to now up until this point the ravens have been staff in backup quarterback as though it was joke legos job in there was no questioning it that's how you wideopen washed up match shaba's the backup quarterback that's how you wind up at a rhyme malott as the backup quarterback that's how you wind up in the situation where you let tara taylor go right because you are making a you were saying joe flag o is our quarterback period bringing a cavernous says joe flaco better step up his game because we don't feel so bad about the option that we have.

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