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Doesn't bajic the magic hello and welcome to flintoff savage and the ping pong guy that may messy by some more meeks helping we're gonna talk about the fallout from the extrordinary tempering episode terry press conferences and all also gonna talk about young kids and getting them to dare to be brilliant remember use hashtag fred southside suggests future topics before we get gun on my not i did you come up with the top pick kids do into billion but what did not stop it come from somebody that is related to my new book right yeah kids all able the nine tate doing a piece on marino this week 'cause we're not talking about him well i did the piece on cipriani came out on saturday went down well him and his mom is mama plant cabdriver extraordinarily we know we know did you know i'm having dinner with danny and his girlfriend choose is unbelievably good guy really nice chap all these of the two that will be but before we get onto that is what we've been up to this week u2 or go to say i've been looking up you've had very interesting weeks he wants to start going to probably i wouldn't say about is week for two weeks so i went to spain to what's my eldest son in the competition lost in the quarterfinals don't accept see well proud of him and then got back full went to seville seville by munich severe by munich good game got day on then deliver pool against manchester city in on believable game walsum it three to liverpool then astle against cs k moscow and then i did the manchester dhabi at the weekend and beating cardiff today have been about yeah for bt spoil i can say face the bt sport pub cup and the guy who's doing it was a guy called tub massive fan of the show you know what so basically pubs enter the competition the final get guess play at the king power stadium it's pretty but it took me back to when i was a kid going to watch my sunday morning football team you know the black holes it was and it was like.

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