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Man as and we are gonna hear that ice from your water ice and they're going to hear it and they're going to be angry about it. I'm going to have to three under the bus. Because i've made my penance for eating on the show. Are you guys really mad if you guys are sorry so scammer of the week. This this is perfect. Students for trump co-founder pleads guilty to scamming business out of forty six thousand dollars. Total a trump. Donald hit the day as donald trump So john lambert co founder of students for pleaded guilty to scamming consumers and businesses out of forty six thousand dollars by posing as a lawyer online and dispensing legal advice. We love look lying gang a scam trump supporters. All you want like. I'm i'm not against it. I'm for. I'm like sean makes them recap merch. Trump supporters right like. How can you turn leg into a trump. Supporting leg is gone full. Trump's of land trump twenty twenty trump leg. I dunno kicks so by the leg. I don't know. I just wanna make money so twenty three year. Old lambert went by eric. Pope which already i'm not. I don't trust nickname. pope. I know who else his name. Olivia don't fuck shady bitch to listen we'd love we stay. Livia pope stand account. Okay she got some dirt on her hand. I know she dish was fucking the republican president up condoleeza rice me step but eric popa. He's like watching scandal. And he's like what do i call myself. Olivia pope pope now pope. I'm so close. I can feel it. it's so he pretended to be a new york-based attorney at a law firm called pope and done that done got you though. Sounds like some learn a law done in dun done dad so the justice department basically said this. He pleaded guilty in a new york. Federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Are you what attorney judge valerie. Caproni asked the tennessee native in court. The new york post reported. No your honor lambert said. He's look he's at. I'm not an attorney said that. I worked at pope done. Oh yes. my last name is pope. The pope day mostly like we were dating that we never say we were lawyers than i have esquire on my muslim yeah it means just law. Just let us my card. My business card says on a lawyer doesn't mean i really am. Please come on now. Back up your honor. So lampert founded students for trump during the two thousand sixteen presidential election. He ran the scheme from august. Twenty six to april two thousand eighteen and made several appearances on news shows. Prosecutors said it created a fake website and to have fifteen years of experience and corporate patent law. I'm just gonna go ahead and say you don't have to be an expert to be on on a new show. And i think scam got. His moseley is proof positive. Yeah guys don't turn experts on ships. 'cause i'm wondering i just yeah you should rethinking your whole life right. I was just tell you point blank as an expert on ship. X twenty twenty on abc like re tweets videos of me like talking about scales. And i'm like brow. Yeah don't trust none of that. So and i'm also very fascinated by that because i'm jago come over here and listened to you about two expert information. Look we. I told ya we'll tell you when i'm making stuff up. Share in does research are facts. They are factual. And actual. However i do add non. Goya adobo to them. I just wanted to say any time. Someone rhymes their defense factual end actual cause. If the gloves don't fit you must yeah. You should not lion if you've gotta arrive. If you've gotta hidden figures were razzle dazzle through are lying through his crimes. I in razzle-dazzle and the you lie. You don't make it rhyme. That's all that matters so they also alleged that lambert pretended to be a graduate of nyu's law school which you know another scam. I just to say john lambert. I'm not going to be mad at you for scamming trump supporters. I'm not because basically you're scamming on hate and i've thought about doing it a lot. Because here's the thing about. Hey guys it ages you. it's not moisturizing. It's very drying hate moisture. Look keeps your skin young. And you're a important fact. moisturizer neck. People moisturizer net slather that neck with cream every night. Your face can be looking good. But if you're you're nickel nickel pillow you. It's like a tree rings around eighty two rings that faces only thirty eight right okay. Deliver neck mother willow on you okay. That's a talking tree because don't get that. I got it today. Okay it's been a great day But yeah seriously like about this. Because i'm just like yes scam. Trump supporters seems fair slowly. Right here's okay. So here's my thing about the scam again. I'm with you. i don't know how to feel the only reason. I don't know how to feel is because i'm like. What is this guy scamming trump supporters. But he also was a trump supporter. Unisom saying like was he just scamming his fellow people because that is very trumpian. You know what i'm saying right. Or was he really on our side and scamming trumpers as as lefty as a radical as a progressive. Whatever you wanna call us in twenty twenty. That's the question. If he was a trump support her then fuck him but if he wasn't then i'm gonna put some money on his books because he's in jail on.

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