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As keeps all the upside in Hoboken who owns the water system pays for auto repairs except for a, small contribution that doesn't seem, like it makes sense doesn't we air all the risk and they take, all the profit but Suez notes a number of hoboken's water mains are more than a century old and suggests the city needs to invest in its infrastructure and Hoboken rich lamb. WCBS, NewsRadio eight New York City will be bringing back speed, cameras in school zones now, the Nassau County executive wants to do the same thing just the mere. Mention of speed cameras makes Melissa Wallington of Woodbury shake, her head in disgust they are absolutely unfair and twenty fourteen when they were rolled out here. Announce county she received three of them. In just a, few days time the cost around Three hundred dollars a problem, there was not, proper signing and drivers complained they receive tickets in August and at night when school is clearly not in session it is very frustrating and a lot of money, the program was stopped a few months later but now the county. Executive, Laura current wants to bring that program back but she. Says in a different way of difference is that it would be, often by school district's school. Districts have no interest then forget it if school districts are interested I will go. Up to Albany talk to our legislators to preserve that option. Of opting in And then the sign would be correct and. It would only be during school hours then we would look to roll it out in such a way that makes sense and that is responsible. But I have to say, I we have to see if there's interest Sophia hall WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty four eighteen WCBS.

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