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Oh god green donald it was latinos the will seek was on his suit just sparkle introduced hick willing plain to do too good all right foot so put guy no wonder come on so sent me i'm just can't understand anything he say the audio on all these pieces yes can you got to see you've got to see the riddled dollah magazine original doma a i sound like a long time ago like st thomas audience there's a scene in there where our swear to god be with filmon and they went on alley and there was the one guide their that they just couldn't get rid of the kept film and they have no money to re shooting so they just kept it in the movie in dope some stop over if you ever seen and i'm just gonna as real quick some other hamburger the hamburg appeal it has a name you see the riddler dolan ages use the people from the streets there was and he we saw the uh really ray moist said that that was a real drug addict yeah that he used he's a he thanked the got diet even seen that i'll try this or not mom it also you that clip after this but they shot the seen in alley and you could tell us dubbed over in the guy he hamburg appeal this heroin addict that he just like putting the movie goes up to this guy this obviously drunk 'cause people can act that willingness films you could see the gut telling him like the hammering he may we shooting who had gone out of hand guy lying and they just w these are these little it's it's a hamburger pimp gets out and if like and that in this remote of note here the girls like drunkenly nigger whether or eubam.

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