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When the pandemic. I hit last year. Venta sought stock punch from sixty three to thirteen and matter weeks these they've got a huge senior housing business and ground zero senior housing right. Maybe that's a fast right near the lows we spoke to see deb cafaro and she's very encouraging story and have faith at the time the twenty twenty-three if you listener you've now got us gain rebound into fifty seven now. Part of anti supporters saw the better than expected quarter also slightly worse-than-expected guidance. Its stock i think the little but when you drill down there was a lot to like about the quarter especially improving occupancy transfer the senior housing division. We listened to find out more about these levels. We may have a bargain. Maybe even when they get dividend. Bruce this let's check in with debra cafaro the chairman and ceo event us get a better sense of the quarter where the biscuit cafaro. Welcome back to me and bunny an afternoon. Great to see you okay. So you always told me they'll come a time when there were be overbuilding when there won't be a lot of capital coming into the segment and that's when you're going to pounce and double down you bought out the called new senior. Your notes are full of optimism and it sounds like it's because everybody else has dropped out. Is that a kuwaiti. describe it. well you're right. We do see tremendous Optimism and we're back to both internal growth in consolidation in our position as an industry leader in vying senior. We're very excited. Our business will be about a half senior housing and we are at the beginning of what you described as kind of a double recovery. One on supply demand side in the other of course coming out of the kobe nineteen pandemic it does seem that the occupancy numbers jerk getting literally week to week to week just keep getting better even with delta people must be sensing that maybe this is the safest place to be. Well it is amazing. It is a very safe place. Nearly all of our senior residents we vaccinated over fifty thousand residents and almost all the employees in the community are vaccinated and so we have virtually no cove it in our communities and more importantly that is leaving to five consecutive months of occupancy growth. Were up over. Four hundred basis points from the low the pandemic which was just in mid march in our leads are at the highest level since of pandemic began. And so we are very encouraged that as soon as our communities are ready to welcome seniors in their families. Safely that demand just surged right in. I was thinking when it went over all the public filings ahead of this interview. I feel like to some degree. I spent too much time talking about senior housing. Not talking about your life. Science portfolio which is just extraordinary. Keeps getting better and better and that. This is terrific correct absolutely. We are excited about a portfolio. That's gone from zero in two thousand sixteen to over nine million square feet of lads face and we all know the capital flows that are going into basic research arm research and we are right at made in maine in fact were on the campuses of over sixteen major research universities and were in san francisco in boston on the johns hopkins campus in. So we're very excited about that business in frankly. We have a real competitive advantage in this intersection of sort of academic medicine life-science and universities. And we see it as a big growth area or you know. I know that it pains you. Look when you came on and twenty three you said look we're gonna make it not an issue and bori ever right but you know what i want more income. And what do i do if i want. More income. Fantas well absolutely. We have a dividend of forty five cents. A quarter that is is very well covered because we're making substantially more than that. Our senior housing business has about three hundred million of of eba die yet to recover from the pandemic lows in we captured about fifty million that in the second quarter so we've always believed that the dividend was a very important part of our total return. Proposition were focused on it and it will follow cashflow bro. Okay very good now. You didn't an at the money sell program. Is that now complete as well. The act of money program is assisting us in the acquisition of new senior. We obviously want to maintain the strong balance sheet in will continue to do that. That is also part of the task profiled and that has been completed in terms of its impact on the new senior acquisition. Okay so the triple that leasing business that to me seems like such a great business. What would happen if you broke the company into these businesses. Everybody would want one of the one of the three well as really a thirty five billion dollar company. We broke up into medical office. Outpatient in life science and senior housing coming we really would have some of the larger businesses within our space but we have really believed in diversification story jim mall demographically driven all of our asset search driven by demographic rose but within that we've benefited greatly in our shareholders have because each beats to a slightly different drummer and what we saw during the pandemic. Is that over half. Our business is in outpatient medical office in life. Science in the healthcare businesses and those actually grew and provided tremendous stability to us in our shareholders over the last eighteen months winner now hopefully senior housing will lead the way out world. When you came on last. You told us it wasn't ready but one day people would stop building and now you're in charge dad. I've got a feeling that things are well. Not everybody made it the other saba you did. I want to thank you for coming on. Always being straight with us. You're terrific terrific executive. Cafaro anti-us chairman. Ceo thank you so much for the show thank you. Tim sees sued stock. Double which doing 'em is back in. Stick around. I would still. The lightning round is coming up next tomorrow kickoff. The trading day was squawking the street from post. Nine the nyse. Maybe they're afraid of of neal's member third knows where she was could be. What's microchip was pretty. The homes billionaire bill. He got a brown control. Got it all starts ninety m eastern myself and then the leading rows over. Are you ready to dead. Because i want to start with scott in florida sky idea. Thanks for taking my call here. I a couple of questions for you I'm looking at Choosing to tickers twenty recommend. Lift or uber okay. i actually think that with had a better quarter than over so i will go with that. As a very speculative segment you know to the segment. Let's go to tim in taxes. Tamdan jim luggage. Joe how are ya now. You don't find you i'm good. I'm question regarding golden nugget online gaming. Doug it online gaming after the Really just kings. And i think jason did. It's very smart acquisition for golden gate people. But you know what you're not an arbitrageur. I would ring. The register just had a bright big day today. I wanna go to john in michigan. John t jim call sure. I'm a big fan big fan. Thank you for what you do. Thank you my. My question is for global payment network recent results good but has declined fifteen percent. What's your take on that. God think it's a good discount by the stock. I mean i always tell. I had to tell you. I think these guys are very very smart guys. And i saw giant insider by a by the ceo whom we've had on the show and is very smart..

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