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Map producer feel something coming in the air tonight. Lula. They're. Just! Baseball's back. But does clipping penalty I guess this genesis or Phil Collins Phil Collins Yeah. Oh. This is terrific, but it sounded a little different at the beginning. What what? What was that bill? Collins thing with the average white band song cover. You're talking about Oh. Yeah, somebody tweeted US yesterday, and you gotta check it out, and it's like a twenty minutes, so you saw it. Yeah Phil Collins in the nineties had this. Big Van I think it was just called the Phil Collins Big Bath. And he would Quincy Jones is in the mix and all these people. How joined it? About this I don't know, I'll just quickly. Lavelli Neil the third baseball writers Star Tribune and keep the musical bombings, yeah, and a and impromptu Salvi Levine's zoom. Yeah, taking place right now, so he's out for this segment, maybe a little later in the radio show, but that doesn't mean. That doesn't mean we can't get in some baseball. which way moment? Generally, absolutely, it's the Phil. Collins what I think it's just Phil Collins Big Band it was like a ninety, six or ninety, eight or something. And Guy tweeted us like a twenty minute video of the big band playing picking up the pieces by average white. And it. It kicks ass it's awesome. And that just led me down the road, reminding myself of Phil Collins. Phil plays drums in the band. Yeah, well, he plays drums Phil Phil was up our conversation before the show about the difficulty I I would know this because I can't play baseball, but you can playing bass and singing at the same time. Yeah, it depends on the type of music. You're playing, but you're. You're in some cases playing off rhythm. To compliment the music. And then to provide the vocals, which would be typically on Rhythm That's a it's a tall task for okay well then. Why would be top of the head? Bast base plane or drum playing singers. That that like they were identifiable, because they were singers in long standing, successful bands, or by themselves at the base the Getty Lee with rush, okay, so getty as a vocalist and events stupidest thing ever here in your life and I know who getting Leah's, but I know him more for his base plane. He's the lead singer of rush. Yeah, I think. Initially. He was not and I forget what the situation was, but. But ultimately vocals and bass. So why would he be atop the musical heap and Paul McCartney would? Not where McCartney plays Bass and he say mccartin, let me get Getti- as pretty good. Getty Lee God bless him, and I mean for my for my taste. Yeah, for my taste, yeah! Boy, when it comes to not just an individual palate, but obviously with levels of success man I mean you got McCartney and wings. And you have the Beatles Geddy Lee rush. I ain't. GonNa put them in the category of McCartney or the Beatles. No, that's mass. It's massive. No I think if there's a mountain summit that Paul McCartney should be there. There's no doubt about it. Record soul, the variety of different performances, longevity, but Solo Career Post Beatles but with the challenge of doing exactly what you say, but I don't like the Beatles and I. Don't listen to a ton of Paul McCartney and so I respect them. It's just not my vibe, so yeah. But I, but I've just been all over Russia I. Don't know why over the last few days and I'm. I'm on this getty Lee tick right. To each their own, obviously, when it comes to music, but I you know outside of a Tom West is chimed in with a motor head. Opinion a hand fall. A handful of songs might even be stretching it a little bit with all due respect. I don't like Beatles Music I like. Hey, jude but like. Either what when it comes to if it's like gun to the head and I got to be close to right or right or dad. Van and somebody's like. The two most. Hitting songs or songs that have bugged you the most in the history of music. What would they be? It's an absolute sense for me I I'd have to think about it. What's yours? In no particular order Hanson's Bob. Yeah that's it. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard my life. Yep, and while maybe not because yellow submarine socks yellow submarine stare and him any ALICEA marine. AVARY didn't the Beatles have like an and a lot of them are all super popular in their classics, but then they have like a were. The Beatles were serious. We're in the studio were making all time style music and then didn't. They have a really high right now, and here's some music I'm not an early Beatles. Mind thing. I, do not I mean like if I'm alive or I'm born in sixty six I'm alive when the Beatles were doing that thing and Elvis Presley was doing his thing, but I mean if I'm like. You know old enough to appreciate music and stuff like that. Who then I'm absolutely Elvis Presley Guy Before Beatles and it's not even close I can't believe how about this one what Dang. And delays it's. Got You just won the race. Things pretty good. We'll gave you stay things not bad. We gave you the listener a listener Adam. Help with my basement a long time ago. Oh yeah, your wife had a plumbing situation that needed to be taken care of and no. I think that's not the one now. That was my fault. MINUS ONE. No MIDAS, how and dropped down the? Way With the old snaking the wife joke. Sorry about that appreciate asked Ding sting. Oh, yeah, that's an elite staying with that base The WHO John Entwistle but I mean daltry and Townsend. entwistle. Bass. What is it Larry Graham? Larry, Graham. Plays Bass and sings he does. He's in the mix, either, but again I saying he's as a certainly not as accomplished as sting, getty Lee or or Who was the other one? We mention not motorhead guy McCartney. McCartney, thank you. Silence Ami the publicist checking in with the motor head clip. That was Tom last what we've motor had music in the in the system. Gets I've ever heard a motor? The LEMme. What? What the Hell motorhead Lemme see I think it's Gillmeister. Didn't they? Have that song that went motor head. Watch your prize to..

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