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I both did way did All right. Thank you, Bill Frost. Thank you so much. Traffic, please. Gina. Yep. Canyons avoid, Um, Why don't you write? They appear to be trouble this morning. Multiple slide offs and parleys Canyon. Little Cottonwood Canyon, I believe is still closed for avalanche control. Big cotton. Kanaan is open, but traffic is moving very slowly through there. That's the trouble up in Park City. Um And lets you don't hear the valleys, though not so bad. Some slushy conditions are life 15, and there are some slick spots on and off ramps. And exits that sort of things to be aware that there could be some icy conditions there, but things not so bad down here in the valley. If you see something and you want to text it to us at 33986, I'll pass it along. Now is the time that Larry Miller used car super markets to buy. Get your payments in half and no payments for 120 days. Larry Miller used car supermarkets driven by you right here we go around two of the boner. Voting will be coming up and these are the candidates you will consider Number one. This didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me. Boner candidate number two. We are an English only state, aren't we? And Boehner, candidate number three This is spiritually warfare. All rights around to your boners, Big boy news, all coming up after the standby. Also Troy Williams from equality Utah coming up, too. Tell us about the transports Bill, but I've been talking about coming up. Stand by for that. He could explain it to us. What's going on? Big o tires calm. I'm betting that you wish you had your winter tires you're saying to yourself. I wish I had to listen to carry Bill and Gina when they.

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