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You know, I think that this is what was interesting to be a first ball. Kamala Harris Bigg overshadowed now This is a big night coming up tonight. This is the night where, you know what is she to how they got passed over abortion. The court. There was barely a mention reference. She did a planned parenthood. Yeah, I mean, you know, she had it just across. We reminded people you know, Dairy on Twitter and our social media. Kamala Harris proudly defended that California law dad that we ended up going down at the Supreme Court that preventing crisis pre pro life pregnancy cities from operating for the fact act. Yeah, And she defended that. I know she did. So that leaves she extremely pro abortion. He would have shut down pro life pregnancy centers and make it there were criminal definitive in California. As a G, but ultimately it was struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States. They would like to highlight that part so they really get into abortion heavy that wasn't abortion heavy, Even with Elizabeth Warren with Hillary Clinton with Pelosi. They had a loss over that. It's which is interested to be. I just asked this question to our collars. What If you watched Kamala Harris, what do you take away from it? That that Chris Wallace, it's about his affair. I think it's fair Day, said most VP speeches. Right after you get here. You could usually what you take away from his eye being proud to accept domination. And by the second night, you move on Teo, but usually if you would just wide If you would just watch it. Something would've stuck out to you. So this was I think that you know I have to deal with And you do, too. Andi in thunder to you have to deal with communicating messages and invites. Oftentimes, of course, I worry a little bit spoiled because we do it on radio, every TV every day. But also we do in arguments in court like that, and he was just in court on a proceeding and you got you want to know what you've got to leave something on the table that the judge is thinking about or the jury's thinking about And indeed I look at this last night about Kamala Harris a speech and we've been with her in the Senate. She's a formidable person. It did not come across that way last night. No, it did not issue came across very bland. In my view, the thing that I resent about her So much is the former prosecutor who now disdains which he did as a prosecutor, and there's nothing that a prosecutor decides more than a person who Wass and attorney general a district attorney, a prosecutor and went after criminals and does the things that they're supposed to do in upholding the law. Years later, deciding that they're going to basically reject what they were and deny what they were. She said Before the speech that she will they had played a clip of first thing and, you know, we need to do something because I've got three boats on my door. Don't Don't Don't forget that. So she disdains what she used to be, and now is a new Kamala Harris. She is now Joe Biden's running mate, and she's looking for a different country from the one that she defended as an attorney general. I don't I don't buy that. I think that that is being untrue to yourself and untrue to your principles, and that's how she came out to me. You know this was interesting, too. Foreign policy. Didn't even discuss it well, they tried to write because I think this is how they try to Obama try to take a shot at President Trump not by directly saying a Ford policy, but Take a listen by 23. For close to four years. Now, he has shown no interest in putting in the work. No interest in finding common ground. No interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends. No interest in treating the presidency is anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves. The economy was going wild. We well for everyone until Cove. It is still done pretty well. Considering That's what's so the economy that from Obama T even trump right now. I mean, you can't even compare the two. So that's why I didn't mention anything specific. He just doesn't like this style about Omar al Baghdadi is dead. Isis is no longer existence. How about the fact that he was he had the guts to take out Iran's top military and hairs to commander Omar Al Ahmadi? How about the fact that Syria is no longer a major issue? How about the fact that Israel and the U A Maid a peace deal last week while Obama was getting awards know about peace prize is for being elected for being elected while we still had two wars are going Afghanistan and Iraq and a horrible fake nuclear Iran deal. How about getting Pastor Andrew Bronson out of Turkey? How about dealing with all these tough, tough like China? How about redoing NAFTA? For the American worker. Did Barack Obama? I guess he's just been played golf the last four years because the truth is, even though his cronies have tried to distract everyone from what President Trump has done with all the hoax is all the stuff we've had to work on these lawyers. The truth is President Trump has delivered and his administration is delivered whether it's the economy, whether it's Ford policy, and he's drawing us down from those wars. Okay, so here's the deal. You could be a Republican. You could be a Democrat. You could be an independent be liar. But tell me Ethan Bennett, who's been involved in politics for a long time. What was the purpose of last night? I mean, you know Wolf Blitzer wrapping a like Wolf Blitzer. I get along great with Wolf Blitzer. I get along with well with most of the ones up on those networks. I'm thinking to myself. Obama gave a professor's lecture. That's what he does. That's all it was last night. Nothing in there was some shocking new revelation. And, of course, it's all going on. While his his various intelligence officials may be in hot water But having said all of that, what was the purpose? What was the take away from all of this? I think the purpose was the theme that they were going for J. Which was we would like Barack Obama to be president again. I really do. I mean, I think that was what they were going for, because that's what they think fires up their base. But again if you go back to political science 101, if you're not on the ticket, you will not deliver victory. It's going to be the name at the top of the ticket that is going to determine how the American people vote. And, you know you guys were talking about foreign policy just a moment ago and The reason they didn't go to this James because there's not a lasting legacy achievement left from the Obama administration when it comes to foreign policy. I mean, that was supposed to be the Iran deal, the J. C. P O and Jordan ran through a whole list of others. I might tak a couple other is all into their remember the Obama administration or the ones that walked away from Israel at the Security Council..

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