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Your spine and everything but come up the call had learning show between those Capaldi Anaya horn Fletcher's fine and everything Yasser only since April have fun Hey Tyler as you exit the stage this poem is entirely yours my friend you take it away just wanted all in the hotel room is now if you can thank you you too thanks very much Tony George's one traffic tone was going on well I think we got a problem now becoming out of her mind on the northbound side of the seventy three just before I get the bison Avenue that action is taken away three right lanes thanks Kevin for the update on the traffic tip line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three that gets back at their coming away from Bonita canyon once you get past that then you're missing on ahead to the floral five southbound side of the four or five busy coming out of Westminster this morning found about golden west over towards the seventy three and rose me sixty freeway eastbound side just before Rosemead Boulevard three oh two right lanes remain shut down as a clip that earlier problems you drive is that pretty tough coming away from Garfield the ten freeway is still better option for you so just avoid the sixty out together take the ten that's a wide open right now from the seven ten to the sixty west outside of the I was having had to the six of my brother let's not say the sixty is busy out of industry from about hacienda to receive that better before you get to the seven ten and then on the northbound side of the four oh five freeway pretty solid delays coming out of Hawthorne for the one oh five to just about Jefferson then it starts to loosen up before you get over towards Santa Monica Boulevard this happened what is by the by norm Reeves Honda supercontinent restore ring in the new year with a super experience plus super prices on a super selection of new Hondas test drive a new high did today or shop online at norm Reeves Honda dot com thank your traffic I'm Tony Jordan but a four three my advanced about T. mobile for the past couple weeks you've heard me talk about team mobiles first and only nation wide five G. network right T. mobile five G. covers more people.

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