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You know, we've got so many different directions on this album. We've got some familiar sounding stuff. And some unfamiliar sounding stuff, I'm going to go with the young familiar sounding stuff on this record because the way I look at it and I know loves that stuff too because it allows him to be inside with that kind of sound like somewhere that we've been in the past because of familiar place. We realized that we had to have some stuff that sounds familiar. Otherwise it's like a little bit too outside all of a sudden just go, hey, you know, I mean I'd love to be The Beatles and go with the white changes radically, but they didn't play that many live shows. That's right. Reaction from people. That's right. And they were a lot more records than us back then. I'm going to go with, I couldn't go with the unusual track, you know, I like holding on. I wanted to open the record. I did a sequencing for this record without Johnson. By myself with engineer at Patreon studio, I sequenced the record completely different. And I started out with a baseball bat. Okay. I opened with holes in her room. To me, that was like, wow, you're going to hear something different. Raises the eyebrows. To me, found as a fan, I go, wow. Everything else is on here. So it's funny, you know? Sammy and Garner have been great friends for a long time. I sent it to them like about a week before the album came out. Have you asked me back? It is usual, Sammy thing. Because I don't know what you're doing, man. He goes, you know, you got all these songs in the front of the album. He says, hey, I get to the middle. And he kicked my finals. And he goes, I think he should have opened with holding off. It's funny you said that because I said the same thing and that's exactly what I have. John. You know, the next day he goes, no, we can't do that. Be safer and get out and start out with the piano. Yeah, yeah. Together we raspberry song. I don't still think it was the best opener for the album. A lot of people now I've heard of said same thing is a lot of reviews and interviews I've done now, very good at music, just came out and a lot of the reviewers lived with the record and they said, my favorite tracks are the ones that are very much unlike Germany on this album that's a new, it's a new challenge. Makes sense. Yeah. You got holding on. You got a couple away with me. You got letter brain and you got all day all night. You just got a really cool funky R&B almost with Rainey's base plan. But that company vibe. You know, my vocals those are all my background voters. So I definitely get that stuff, you know? How about your favorite song to play live? Man, you know what? Just so many, man. You know what it kind of varies from night to night. But I love lights. Doesn't just hold us a sentimental place in my heart for how early it came with parody. You know, it was the second song I ever wrote with them. And that's because if you see the show now, I mean, lights was small time single on a radio. But it is like a national anthem. It's like don't stop believing, man. I mean, if you look up the gift that we played this year, we'd never done a Houston rodeo before, and I didn't know what to expect at all. You know, to our Asian, because everybody does it. I mean, it'll Santana sounded Beyoncé's on a bunch of times and thinking to myself and we were just gonna be like, I swear it has 70. We sold out in the second spot and 72,000 people. Jeez. See, later, I go, just about San Francisco lagged up, and

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