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Who in in girl there's so many i can't even i can't even outside privacy well those good that we were banking go in rome that's why we have assumed we are now 10 minutes and we are going to hit with our first story speaking of any choline real has as a new jersey's melissa gorka and bravo's andy cohen had been hit with a thirty milliondollar lawsuit reports the only male real houses of new jersey star melissa gorgan robert cds indigo with a thirty million dollar lawsuit oh my god we i usually the stories i didn't read that yet and then having real time reaction of eight delays goolagong okay this will be found because i read the teleprompter and he reactor which is probably better for everyone total jackie robinson gorgas former business partner in the boutique the filed suit in florida alleging defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress gorgas 38 partnered with robinson who describes herself as a fashion influence our can told you are the club and consult into the open fashioned store in montclair new jersey in late 2013 to open that's what it says to open the fashion stores the lozina lenses igor gorgan cohen acting together to accuse robin stadiums ceiling merchandise from the store got guy cohen has a life we're your tino but he gave melissa the platform to make these accusations 300 hasn't me jersey star clean reality show in an episode that aired on october fourth this year that robinson quotes stuck snuck in in the middle of the night and took merchandise which is true she also agreed during an appearance on cohen's watch weapons live the same day that she had been ripped off by her ex partner when asked about it by removing reported that sorry about waffle house partners that.

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