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The sea Each certa pro painter's business is independently owned and operated Back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center Truck fire That was the trouble Gainesville 66 going east as you get out of haymarket The service roadway is getting by unfortunately the through lanes remain closed We've still got some smoke showing most of the fire got knocked down again It was a tractor trailer so traffic stopped beyond 29 Gainesville just be aware If you can hop off early and use that service roadway it is getting by to the right side There's also equipment on the westbound side blocking the left half of the roadway not a huge delay westbound 66 west out near one 23 We did have reports of a crash 95 headed in the southbound direction down near garrisonville road X at one 43 work is along the right side of the roadway We also had a little delay trying to get north on the GW Parkway as you headed north to spell run toward the overlooks should be a left lane getting by that work zone The crash and we've got activity in the district D.C. two 95 South Africa boroughs avenue of the wreck inbound key bridge as you approach M street in the right of the two left turn lanes We'd had one broken down Report of erect northbound in the third street tunnel near Massachusetts avenue watch for district authorities there They'll weigh in Maryland trying to clear out We're still a little bit heavy topside outer loop just around university toward Georgia avenue Two 70s looking good north and south between Bethesda and Frederick should find your lanes open Baltimore Washington Parkway north before powder mill There was an earlier wreck along the left side and they've got the work set up now 50 west out on the bay bridge taking away the right lane Did you know leaky basements caused homeowners thousands of dollars every year Make sure your home is protected Visit value dry waterproofing dot com to learn more Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Chuck bell's got our forecast We have a nice warming trend coming our way all the cold air from the weekend has now been scoured out of here Sunshine today with highs in the mid to upper 60s a small rain chance.

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