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Departs to find out what they hope to achieve we don't like these images either I don't want to look at them they break my. Heart lean Boeing with polish abortion says terminating a pregnancy should never be the answer should never be an option have heard and believed that it's my body my choice. When the truth is that the body inside your body does not your. Some people have been disgusted by, the pictures and what they see. As an attack on, their rights Bowen says the images are, graphic by design disgust ought. Not, to be our own comfort and convenience the fact that we felt bad having to see it we felt bad having to acknowledge that this is what we are condoning. Hopes the pictures are seen, by as many is as possible out of, sight out of mind makes the, abortion, holocaust, not, only, acceptable in our society but celebrated we believe that abortion must be abolished Mike Dougherty KYW NewsRadio KYW news time five forty Former Republican House speaker John bainer says his party has a way to. Go keep the majority in the. Next election cycle John bainer told reporters. At the Iowa State. Fair on Friday he, always, thought, you. Caught more bees with Honey. Than vinegar and says he would do this a little differently when asked about the, Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods the former Republican congressman from Ohio avoided questions about a possible presidential run Iowa is known for attracting White House prospects due to it being an early. Caucus state, I'm Kerry shoemaker KYW news time. Five forty one finish summer strong when you mix and. Match the highest quality solutions and supplements in the industry, buy one get one half off at GNC nourish.

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