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Who is your favorite sibling? Like Brielle Arianna k. j. Cain or Kaya I. Ardian. Brielle's on the couch over here because we're, she's going to be joining us here in a minute, and she's like, wait, what in cash is like, no, just I'm just saying, why is REI owning your favorite? Because brutal yell never help sow now plays with me and Arianna. Does that still. You guys watch live PD last week together in her bed and you fell asleep. So already on gives me and sneaks off. Oh, that's the real story. Brielle don't let me see you doing that has won the hearts of cagey and now cash. I guess it's through sneaking candy bars. Okay, the bars stereo. Okay. The key to cash is heart is obviously suites like his momma. Cash, what do you want to be when you grow up? I would say basketball player or a baseball player. Cash is projected to be through the pediatrician actually taller than k. j. about six. Six. Your big dude. So basketball could be in your future. Okay. What is your favorite thing about daddy? I mean, aside from the fact he's super Kyun have a lot of things about that. Aw, that's so cute. Gimme a couple of things while you love daddy so much because he plays catch with me. He has fun with me. Very cool. Nice. Yeah. Do we have fun conversations on the way to school mom and I with you guys, we do. We shared you. A bunch of Costin's answer lamb. We like to talk to each other. We do cool boy stuff. Don't we? Yeah, we do. We ride motorcycles and dig in the dirt and have fun, and we also play catch with the football. We also felt the stick in that net. I guess that's all the t-. Okay. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to break in police words. We play Fords and chase through the house. And this and the other day, like five days ago he played with us..

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