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The two seasons that have fell woefully short. of reaching that standard I love Philip Lindsey and I love the attitude that he hacks super positive guy. and nobody wants to see the Denver Broncos folding it up after three weeks. nobody wants to see that. so I'm glad that the Broncos still feel like there's much to accomplish this season. but I don't like when athletes try to make the distinction between real fans in fake thing. real fans who want you to do well and route for you to do well. that's what being a fan of a team is about. they did your team. you are all about your team your life is consumed by your team. any root for them to do well every single week that is what being a real fan is about. there's no rule in the fan handbook saying that you must have blind faith in your team at all times now that that is certainly an admirer bull trait. to always believe. that good times are ahead but the fact of the matter is that it's not realistic. and that is fans that are starting to doubt the Denver Broncos in this twenty nineteen season are not fake.

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