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Comprehensive pay review and mark out is out there talking about it and people hear him because it's mark that heat off talking about it that matters you know these are people who have loud voices and they should use them for this purpose a little bit i love that just one voice can amplify and when you partner with people who have to influence in the impact they know this is this is really start of huge movement it's been really amazing just learning more about your past in your inspiration also the stories that's her show for this week thanks again for tuning into the podcast by the social university we are the grad school for life and our mission is to spark world changing collaborations by introducing you to the most inspiring people ideas and experiences in the world check us out at ib dot com for life changing advice and gatherings and the foremost thought leaders shaping our world today for more information about the community and to find out about events happening near you visit ibtx dot com and email us by a membership at ivy dot com dream big and stay inspired this episode of the podcast is presented by smart water what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smart water copies those puffy white clouds in creating vapor distilled purity cure perfection smart water also has electrolytes which helps give it that clean crisp taste always be the inspiration since the water vapor distilled her purity purity you can taste education you can feel choose smart water or smart water sparkling today at your local retailer.

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