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After Saudi flight student at Naval Air Station Pensacola shot and killed three sailors on that base the FBI announced earlier this week that the gunman was reportedly in contact with al Qaeda in the months leading up to the task investigators say a wounded sailor in Corpus Christi was able to trigger switch that raised a security barrier to stop the basic vehicle she's expected to recover this is NPR news live from KQED news I'm Brian white the deaths in San Francisco from covert nineteen have been relatively low so far just thirty seven people but records obtained by KQED show the city's medical examiner is still investigating at least two hundred forty three other deaths since the since the pandemic began KQED's Julie small reports a full forty percent of all the investigations by the medical examiner since December were still open at the end of April and a quarter of them relate San Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin is on an oversight committee for the medical examiner's office I've been asking the same questions how many on process cases happen medical examiner's office could be due to cope at nineteen Phil Barnes with the San Francisco city administrator's office as backlogs of the medical exam or have been a problem in the past but that's not what's going on now here we're seeing a number of cases would be investigated and don't take the appropriate time we want to make sure that the result is right Barnes says most of the pending cases are waiting on lab tests which can take weeks in the meantime Peskin once the medical examiner to share information that could help the city responded the pandemic or they people from congregate settings B. day nursing homes SROs from the streets of San Francisco or other places Askin fears San Francisco's death toll from covered nineteen could actually be much higher I'm Julie small KQED news a quick clarification in a report about new state data on covert nineteen deaths in nursing homes we noted the data included a major outbreak at a facility called bay would court the state and they would court now say that's an error the facility reports no deaths related to the coronavirus I'm Brian want.

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