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Especially, like small business, family business you know I, mean something like. That happens or you, know even, you know it it affects the ripple effect like you said, so it's kind. Of, you know we, feel it as a small business community. As you know all that stuff, so but the, words I, didn't know you're gonna do that Like all day. You know you've been, hearing it, and I mean everybody on the radio is kind of just, you know it's. Like, you can't ignore, it you know almost want compartmentalize it You know you wanna turn, the TV off and, just kind, of you know just. Have some quiet and say okay we know all about is, done there's, going to be more coming out. In the, future and, everything but It's going, to go away in this focus, was, the start of and that's one. Of the things I'm going to talk about tonight is in our, business Or, are we an Ebeling terrorism in our. Businesses and you know there's some things that come out that have, come out just today about this guy and I'm I'm gonna try to pronounce his name But there's a. Lot there I don't care what you do when things, like this, happen or or things in your life at Hetman. You, start, digging. Things, up you start, looking in the in the in the. Closet skeletons in this guy in the family had love skeletons and there's there's? Been some things that have come up so oh yeah yeah well and you know there's a lot, to talk, about tonight there's a lot going on Like I think he. Hit I think you hit the nail on. Head you, know we're about mama. Pops who about small businesses in the thing, is is that when that affects like it affected us Almost four years. Ago it affected entire business and mom and, pops that you can't you can't walk away from You you can't shut down you know. You want to but there's some things you can't shut down when you have businesses up. And, going and everything and I think that, some of the things we want to touch on, talk about, tonight well I think. It means, something to like, I think back on time and that kind of you know you don't. Feel that, I mean, you kind of I remember just staring at the computer and it's like. Nothing else mattered I mean I'm like I'm treading water here and I don't know how to function basically. Disoriented and but what the cool thing was is that I remember people, stepping up employees and people around friends I mean they were doing anything. They could to help because I mean your business depends upon. Like we talk every week It's all, business owner you may be it you know so We had, employees that. Could Pick up the torch and run, with it as I say and there's a lot. Of mom and pops it, you know there it right and a lotta times I do shut their doors for for, short term periods of time and and, there's nothing that you. Know you've got to prioritize you've got to take care. Of things you'd need care And That being, said I would like to talk about this about being Are we like I said a we enabling terrorism our businesses and are you prepared as a small? Business owner to take proper the proper, steps for situations, like this and the? Situation I'm talking about is is you? Know what does this happen what? If you, own the pulse club, have you thought these things feeling you, know I hate to say this is the. World we live in but you really need to prepare for this you need to think about. You at least need to, have a game plan you they have you know Or any other tragedy in your life as. A small business owner are you prepared and you know we we you know. We we save, money we You all these different things to protect, yourselves we have insurance and everything else but are you prepared to for something like this to? Happen that affects you as a family and a business which is together when you're a small family business or or do you have a backup, plan do you? Have something that, will, prepare, you and, one, thing you need. That Just. Some of the, things, that this highlights will go over real quick. As is the gunman is name, was Omar and security guard there was an ex police officer who works acuity guard with him and what he, did was this guy's name was Daniel Gilroy and he had noticed that the guy said the? Guy was always in a rage he was always upset I saw that yeah He. Actually I mean he's you know he was very radicalized whenever, he saw a black people here you know he would call the. Inward I mean just you know but but hey fully is, what this new work then the also about, lesbians or gays or anything in Jewish. People so he just. It's almost kind, of You know. A lot of people don't realize it Muslim with it You look on YouTube and they hate the. Gay so, much they, literally you know they say that, if you're gay, you should be you should be. Put it in they literally have YouTube videos that you can see where they have thrown young gay man. Off roof building so that's that's how. Radical out there, so they, said you know this guy was I was and also his dad was. Like a prominent, guy who, has talked about You, know. Some stuff that is very questionable well the FBI look at it on twice so, but the thing was he never got fired from his. Business from. From the business the security. Company because he was Muslim in that's wrong it's wrong I can't say this enough it's wrong if you own a small business. And you see this and you, don't, like, what you see you far. That person I don't care if they're black. Yellow red white green are in in-between it doesn't, make you didn't mean around there but I mean? It's your right as an owner but do you know your rights as an owner these are some questions we all have got, to ask ourselves and try to. Figure out as we own small businesses, and everything, and you've got to be. Prepared you've got to be prepared for this but they you know this Daniel Gilroy he said.

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