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Apply. Actual speeds vary. Ten O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the a tier drop stallworth in the traffic center. Thanks, Mark, midday Sunday, still slow and a couple of things to look out for as you're out and about, new problem being reported on the Clara Barton Parkway at the chain bridge was the report of a crash, watch out for that. No problems on the beltway in either Maryland or in Virginia for now in Maryland two 70 southbound before democracy boulevard. That's where we had the report of some debris in the roadway uncertain of that is still the case. They travel in Laurel, brockbridge road, eastbound between the little Kentucky river endorsing run road, follow police direction around the crash near Dorsey run lube. If you're traveling on the BW Parkway, slowdowns early northbound as you head past one 93 toward powder mill road, in Virginia things are clear on 66, I 95 northbound ramp to the outer loop stay alert in the center of the roadway where we had the crash earlier uncertain if that is still the case. I 95 southbound air route one in Pennsylvania broken down vehicle near the ramp reported to its earlier there. Also in manassas, balls Ford road eastbound after groveton road while the police direction around the extinguished vehicle fire they were cleaning up earlier. No problems when I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge, the traveling in the district, things are clear on D.C. two 95 as you head southbound toward east capital street. Looking for a new car fits your automobile has hundreds of new and used cars to choose from because it fits small dot com. That transparency you can trust. I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. We were waking up this morning with some clouds across our area, but don't worry the clouds will be breaking and we'll have some sunshine in the afternoon.

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