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Collins on Peter Gabriel Phil Collins right thinking that's Phil Collins singing Phil Collins I think it was a drummer first ever yeah trying as well yeah and Peter Gabriel leaves and and talk about it a band that didn't suffer one bit and probably did better on some of the driver that was genesis that wasn't just a Phil Collins right genesis okay got it the reason why I wanted to play that song use me the city council committee on immigration is mulling a bill that would bar the term alien illegal alien or illegal immigrant immigrant official documents because they say that words matter the language we use or choose to do use has power and consequences they put they prefer the term non citizen is what they're saying non citizens so he said it's not about replacing one where with another it's about treating individuals as human beings okay I am the liberal in the room and I'm very sensitive to terminology and words that are offensive and I am as far as I'm concerned everybody's a misogynist you know but here's the thing I want to say the term of alien is derived from the Latin term alien S. and that is our that's the history of our language that's what the word came from its IT from England and it means foreigner or outsider it was never meant to be offensive it means somebody who does not is not from here this means but the fact that they start assigning these words like illegal alien alien it's it's not offensive term to begin what do you think it's offensive lot of people thought so I remember anchor babies was seen as offensive and then trump was using it and then this one reporter says a you know it's an offensive term because you think it's offensive I don't think it's offensive it is an anchor babies are being bought and it in other words we we we get over sensitive about language sometimes we were calling them undocumented it's a little bulky right legal alien is nice it flows off the tongue a lot easier and that's what there is known for for every can certainly be retroactively offended by something we've always used for decades this right people who should not be in this country right and if the term alien was meant to be offensive it was if it was used as a derogatory term it's I. B. I'm all for that but it just means foreigner outsider I don't I don't really understand people getting upset about like you were saying to this world okay we come back doctor mark Siegel is here we had talked about some very interesting stuff happening with cancer I know it sounds like good right but no it's good it's good news he's gonna talk to us next at seven ten W. O. R..

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