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Would you rather have had the cubs win thirteen to one and maybe score seven in the first inning and put your feet up a crack open a beverage and everything is good or to have it play out exactly the way it did for me. I would not take it back. I think it was perfectly poetic. You can write a book about that night alone. I'm guessing you wouldn't have said this necessarily in the eighth inning. But can you say now that played out exactly the way it should have. Yes i would not have said that. Took me a while to overcome everything. We all went through that night. But absolutely because i think we all can rely on that night in some form or another Understanding that even when things look like they're falling apart there's still there's still Some hope if you If you've put in the work And you're prepared and you're connected. I'll never forget to me. The most memorable part of that night was during the rain. Delay running down to the clubhouse because had to meet with the commissioner with the indians about the rain situation and getting a glimpse of our players altogether connected in the weight room instead of sitting out their lockers as individuals. They came together as a group because they had put the work in the bond and connect and they knew they needed to be there for each other. When they're out there moment of greatest vulnerability and they were. They picked each other up. They cried together. They support each other and they they talked about going out and winning that game for one another and they took the field without kennesaw solidarity and determination and like seventeen months later. they Got the single the tag up and and the double to to give us a lead and ultimately win the world series so That's something. I'll never forget that when when things look really really bleak not to focus on what is what is seemingly being taken away from you but instead to rely on the people who are important in your life the connections that you have and Face that adversity together. And when you do that it's amazing what you can overcome the. Oh thanks so much for the time first. Foremost for meteo. Thanks so much for the memories. Appreciate it thank you guys. Look forward to seeing you at the ballpark. Thanks once again to theo epstein for taking time out of his busy schedules a successful ron for the cubs under theo epstein. We all remember two thousand sixteen. That was the first world series title for the franchise since nineteen o eight bringing that one hundred eight year curse to a close the the actually also oversaw five postseason teams including three. That went on to win the division. The national league. Central some bruce. We just gave the rundown of all theo's accomplishments during his nine years on the north side..

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