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When you know your body's doing what it's supposed to do. So that's why the adjustment period is tricky. If someone starts on day one and never fast it before your body's going to have a little bit more adjusting to do than mine. Does my body knows how to be in the fasted state? So the fourth day, I'm boom in back to myself, exactly. And this is something completely anecdotal. But I typically because I eat a lot of carbs will allot a lot by the low, carb standards, but not a lot by standard, American diet standards. But I do get most my car smo- from fruit, which tends to be higher in more, like fructose, more balanced ratio. Not straight up glucose, like more, starchy carves or rice or something. Like that. I do find. That. And this is very consistent with me. Whenever I for some reason, try the other types of carbs like rice or sweet potatoes or something like that, which is pretty rare. But whenever I do. It's really weird. It creates a very can tell that. I'm filling some sort of like gin storage. I think in my muscles compared to my liver that I don't normally fill and the next day or later when I'll be moving around and stuff is just a very different. I can just tell that I'm burning difference hub St. of energy, if that makes sense and even a burn feeling in my muscles that I will not get. I never get that feeling when I follow my typical diet. And I wonder if it's because of my muscles, you know, filling up with Lijun and then burning the glycogen and creating lactic acid from fiscal activity. Whereas normally they would be pleated. It's very fascinating very anecdotal. But I've noticed it very definitely does that make sense. That's interesting. I do all the car. Cbs? So I haven't I don't have any any noticing the difference. 'cause my Diet's pretty much. You know, I have the starchy carbs. I don't eat a lot of fruit, actually. But that wouldn't make a difference the scenario you're talking about. But yeah, that's that's Nateing. You know, I think we do become more in tune with our bodies. I'm definitely could tell I felt different. If I didn't have an understanding of the process like I do I might just thought gosh, my body's really tired from all the fun. I had but it's a lot deeper than that. Yeah. Definitely. So I do think there is something there though with filling liver glycogen versus muscle glycogen and things like that. So. Yep. Jonathan it's a good question. Long story short do think you will deplete your source faster. Definitely with weightlifting H I T actually burns preferentially both like gin and fat. So that would do it as well. But no the numbers are not sending stone for everyone. So all right. It was a little bit out of order. But it it was perfect. It flew it. Did it did our things with you? Everything is really good. I did one of those crate remember how I threw my retainer away in the trash can yes. And had to go digging for it. I did something even worse this week. A what was that? I threw away Mike Araj door opener at a Ralph's like forty five minutes away at of course, like midnight. Gosh. So you have a garage with your apartment. Okay..

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