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We finally made it fourth weekend of October fame third Saturday in October has gone the fourth is tomorrow in Tuscaloosa, but they don't really care about that here. We're in the grove. And we are ready to roll as old miss having one of its best seasons in a long time. Lane kiffin will be here in just a few minutes and it's great to have all of you with us for the next couple of hours. LSU and all this offenses come ready to play in the high scoring afternoon. That is tomorrow afternoon. It is the featured game in the SEC and the two coaches are ready. Mike Carell will top players in the country. It's very fast. I can run the football through the football to think about you can see my career. He played with his heart. He played with character. And he's very tough. He's not very good shape. It hasn't been for the last two days. So you guys know how we are on injuries, hopefully he'll play, but I do not feel good about that right now. Obviously we don't want our quarterback Brian 30 times running off our core vaccine and play this week. So my running backs need to step up. We just started studying old myths. I've been looking at my Carell all morning, and we expect an end to play, but we're going to study a second team quarterback, but Nolan Matt and no one goes when he's kind of throwing me a smokescreen. She always has great players. You know, they put it together in the run game last week, and I saw the back running people over, they look like Leonard fournette. You know, so that's a challenge, obviously. So the battle of wits between coach kiffin and Ed O and we will talk to lane kiffin in a few minutes and obviously that's a question that we are going to ask about the health of Matt chorale. Meanwhile, what about the health? Of hooker in the Tennessee Alabama game, Tennessee, hinden hooker's health, looking better, according to the coaches and look according to people familiar with that program. They absolutely need him without hooker, their chances of beating Alabama are none. Their chances of being in Alabama with him are slim. I think the rivalry between Tennessee and Alabama is, you know, one of the old great rivalries in college football goes way back. I know it means a lot to a lot of people. You know, in our state, certainly means a lot to me and hopefully we'll get that translated to our team. Josh I was on a really good job at Tennessee, their team is playing really well. They're explosive on offense. They make a lot of big plays. They run the ball very effectively. First of all, you got great personnel. It starts there. You know, their ability to be different and I say that meaning apply pressure with pressure. And some of that being simulated with a drop in ends, their ability to get pressure with the front four. Their ability to fit the fit the run game and apply it at a really high level. You put all that together. They've been difficult to move football. So quite a lot to do with this weekend. It is a weekend where a number of schools have buy weeks, nationally easily the weakest group of games that we've seen all year in the SEC. We've obviously talked about the two big games, the one here. And over in Tuscaloosa, where else will we go this afternoon? We have a big grass as we always do. We'll start with light, Kevin, he'll join us in just a few minutes right here. And then Katie George from Tuscaloosa. On the call for the Alabama game. Wright Thompson to poet laureate of the SEC he'll join us. He's an Oxford native Tebow, Roman Harper, Jordan, that's a pretty good combination of great SEC players there, Laura will drop by Marty. The athletic director and the man who hired coach kiffin Keith Carter will join us in the final hour as Chris storing and your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. We'll try to squeeze the calls in between guests and we have a little bit of time to do that right now. Hugh starts it off in deep gap North Carolina. Hello Hugh, good afternoon. A couple of quick things. My good pal, Charlie Horton was a running back at Vanderbilt in the mid 50s, and he was one of the most prominent officials in the southeastern conference for almost 30 years. And I asked him after a very poor officiated bowl game that Kentucky was in with northwestern about why the southeastern conference officials were so much better. And he's been retired 25 years. He's 86 years old. He still is at his playing late, and he walks with a push card 18 holes, Paul. He makes me feel ashamed. He told me the following. He said that every official needs to pass a physical exam and a stress test before they are allowed to officiate with any team in the conference. He said that the southeastern conference drills the mechanics of where you supposed to be and how you move to try to ensure that every official has at least a fighting chance to see the play as it develops. I think Charlie probably nailed that. These guys are human. They're not perfect, but I think that southeastern conference officials are the best that I've seen of any of the college officiating. I got one quick question for you. I think that at this point, there are three teams in the southeastern conference that have one loss and plus Georgia's undefeated. After watching what Georgia's front 7 did to Kentucky's offensive line, I'm convinced that's the best front defensive 7. I've seen since Doug gets played for Tennessee in the 50s. I don't think Alabama has a prayer against him. And here's my question to you. How many one last teams will there be in the southeastern conference at the end of the season and after the championship game? Right now there's old miss Kentucky and Alabama. Yeah, I think there could be I think Kentucky has a chance. I think they do not belong in the playoffs. Christmas Day. Give him a good new year's bowl and I'll be a happy camper. But George just showed me that they're not in that league right now. And for the record, Paul, floated and have a chance. Then oh boy, the reason Kentucky went with short passes is because when you've got three seconds to get rid of the ball before the defense hits you alive, you don't have the time to develop long plays. And that's just the truth of it. That Georgia defense is for real. It's the best I've seen since the mid 50s. Thank you very much. Great to hear from you. John and Louisville, you're on the air hello John, go ahead. God, I wish I had used voice. Anyways, I love Fridays. I'd love to see these campuses and I love you on Sunday too. Do you ever take a day off? Listen, the football season is short, John. There's plenty of time to luxury around the pool. Well, here's Mike Tommen and request a Mike Griffith and question for laying kiffin. The usual Mike Griff is in fact, I'll agree with Jimmy is somewhat of a drama queen. But he spent I don't know how many minutes building up Florida then he tears him down. Then he takes his usual cheap shots at other coaches like Jimbo and lane kiffin. But laying out breadcrumbs back 11 years to the cost and excuse for the fan insurrection, so to speak, it was just off the charts..

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