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Oklahoma both the state house and Senate voted yesterday to tap the state's reserve accounts to address the four hundred sixty million dollar revenue shortfall caused by the code that can slow down senator Roger Thompson of Okey mais chairman of the state and the procreation committee you know we're in a time we've never lived through before and so what I can anticipate what the future would have to wait to see what is going to break will be on guard and we're ready to do it will still have money available in the rainy day fund and in the the revenue stabilization fund to address the needs we have house speaker Charles McCall says the legislature acted swiftly and decisively to make sure there will be no budget cuts to state agencies this fiscal year the trump administration is considering putting together a second coronavirus task force this one would focus on one of the president's favorite topics the economy Kevin Corke reports we built the greatest economy in the world we got artificially stopped by a virus that nobody ever thought possible president trump again did as he is wont to do promote the economy even amid the historic downturn thanks to a pandemic no one could have predicted but if you're starting to get the sense that there could be brighter days ahead and soon well you're not alone it's a sentiment shared by Wall Street optimism that sent stocks soaring in part thanks to signs that lockdowns in the U. S. and Europe may be helping to slow the pandemic all three major indices finished sharply higher for the session the legislature granting the governor's sweeping powers to respond to the corona virus pandemic the state house and Senate met in special session yesterday and approved governor states declaration of the catastrophic health emergency due to the corona virus Senate president pro tem Greg treat to utilize personal health information for first responders to improve empower the Oklahoma commission or the health department to coordinate a statewide preparedness response the option to waive certain occupational licensing requirements and the ability to enforce the suspension of elective surgeries under the catastrophic emergency health powers act it is granted the authority.

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