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But uh you know that's l actually uh let me let me make so landfall amazon agent for pitches from several banks for hybrid checking account it's way is weighing pitches so it's not necessarily a done deal they're thinking about doing it with jp morgan or capital one which was our sponsor in the south at south by one of our sponsors so it's not clear who's going to get this capital wants a credit card company uh jp morgan as a variety of different things for jammeh zones amazon's partner is jp morgan as well for the amazon credit card eliahou really oh interesting k etna and and also i also i think something that's interesting ears is ju amazon amazon gets ted avoid some some charges right interior at least if you if you have a checking account with amazon slash ap morgan instead of uh amazon every time you want to move money from your regular checking account to amazon dhbai staff which can also do by the way you can sort of bank cash in amazon and then pay with i think amazon cash i forget what it's called it's called like ria per reload or something like that um than amazon doesn't have to pay you the financial track a transaction fee for amazon is also lower i think uh because you pay several percent on on credit card transactions so amazon would love to just eliminate that and this gives the company vision into transactions that are occurring not on amazon oh raid this is this is one i utter a this is one business the capital one has been in for a long time you know they are a credit card company but what they really do is see how and where consumer spending occurs whilst children are says we happening what is the number one user of amazon's uh web services.

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