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We saw last night when during the meltdown the reds got what the desperately needed tonight a strong deep performance by starter. Tanner. Roark his pitching line six two-thirds innings four hits two runs. Two walks in seven strike outs. He improves to two in one in his ERA. Now is three point eight two. Then on comes Cody read, not just pitching one inning or part of an inning finishes. The game. He retired seven of the eight batters that he faced going to into third innings giving up just one hit in four strikeouts. Nine runs nine hits nowheres three left on base for the reds who improved to fourteen and nineteen two runs. Five hits nowheres five left on base for the San Francisco Giants who fall to fourteen in nineteen two teams exact same record. And they're back at it. Tomorrow with Louis castio on the mound for the reds against Jeff. So Marga of the San Francisco Giants so Marga the former wide receiver from the university of Notre Dame. There were a lot of NFL fans wanted him to play football. He made the right move because you can play and pitch longer in baseball. Josh I would take baseball no doubt instead of get your body bruised battered and beaten up in football play baseball Jephson Marga going against Louis Casteel in. Good good one tomorrow. And once again, Roark it's the win. He's too in one while Rodriguez gave up four home runs, and he dropped to three and four castio tomorrow. He's three and one with a one point four five ERA Samara. He's two in one. And he's got a two point five three E R A first pitch tomorrow for ten. The chicks will be back with you. Tomorrow.

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