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Is an extremely dangerous situation, there's a lot of live far going. On but this crowd will not be, subdued there's still outside the Zanu PF. Headquarters and they are so angry Elsewhere in Harare, protesters Colt by the army were severely. This seem hauntingly reminiscent of the violence, that characterized Mugabe's despotic rule As the afternoon wore on the crackle of, automatic fire could, be heard sporadically across the city riot police fired tear gas and soldiers, were deployed as armored personnel carriers water. Cannon cruise the streets on an army helicopter kept wash from above This evening the streets of the capital have been emptied it's quiet, and it's tense, no word from either presidential contender other than on Twitter Nelson Chamisa the. Challenger still claiming victory Emmerson Mnangagwa the incumbent calling ironically for. Everyone to act peacefully The results were told we'll be announced tomorrow For more insight. Into what's going on with. This election results I'm joined by Junge condominium. He's reporter who files. For voice. Of America he's based in Zimbabwe I'm. Good thank you very much for being here could you give us a little bit more of? A sense of what, is driving these protests Devin this process William is the. Slowness by this commission the opposition a member that Zach is manipulating that. Is out there is this commission by delaying announced election results from. Within the metropolitan metropolitan constituencies instead that they started by announcing that from away in rod ROY areas. And this. Area is dominated by the ruling party Zanu PF and I think this is what. The demonstrations that took place this afternoon so people's concern seems to be that because it's. Taking so long they think. That there is some foul play going on. That the election results. Are being. Rigged somehow that's true and also they're. Saying that candidate that I presented your candidate that's advocate Nelson Chamisa they think that he won Resoundingly about this electoral commission is yet to announce presidential. Results what it did yesterday National. Assembly results of from And today today. Announced results from the cities I understand that there were also complaints about the lead up to the. Election with accusations of voters. Being coerced pressure being exerted what our election observers in Zimbabwe saying they give I am What they found or discovered this electoral process in a way. They endorsed the election, is physical but they. Have recommendations, we chat they ascend to, this commission and one of them is to allow enough time for inspection and verification of that is one of the areas Dope was complaining that they got What has Mud two days before. LX denomination we saw that three people have already died in. These protests what is it like? There now and is it your sense that the protests will? Continue tomorrow I the protests to, continue tomorrow but there's heavy presence of Anti-riot police officers and the military on the streets I take, to throw down this to check. On the conditions and situation on the streets the army the police did. Kissing out, difficult so. I'm not sure that those who are. Demonstrating we'll. Be able to gather in the city unless they got. Outside the city and then they come and demonstrate but I. Think the police and the media? Ready to deal with that all right jungle condominium thank you? Very much for your time welcome, William thank you so much.

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