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Of what the The Democratic base is, is the under 30 crowd. Really? It is. That's why the under 30 crowd is in love with Bernie Sanders. And yet the establishment of that party is not in love with Bernie Sanders. But to tap into Sanders support They've got to get some. How some way those younger voters out so anyway. We're going to get into that the wise in the wherefores of that, and then later on Yet another speed bump in the road to finding an inoculation, a vaccine for covert 19 and the World Health organization. Reverses field again. You've ever a guy that used to play football played for the Los Angeles Raiders. Marcus Allen running back, great ballplayer, great ballplayer. He had this uncanny ability to pull off reversals. He'd start one way on a sweep. Spin around come the other way on a sweep. He torpedo the Washington Redskins in a Super Bowl back in the late eighties. That's what the anyway Joe is best. At. They'll do a reversal on you. And now they say, lockdowns. Are not really the answer to our health problems. Anyway, we get into all of that after the news on 700 wlw. News, traffic and weather. News Radio 700 W ell delegate Cincinnati Day three of the confirmation hearings for Amy Cockney Barrett with a 10 o'clock report. I'm Sarah Elise, breaking now Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett, facing more questions from senators on.

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